Starship Takes Shape. Are We Months Away From A Fully Reusable Rocket System?

on Saturday September 28th SpaceX CEO Elon Musk stood in front of an audience in Boca Chica Texas and presented the fully assembled spacex starship 50 metres tall and made from shiny stainless steel as part of his presentation musk showed off the history of the company’s development so far and gave us an updated […]

Фрезерный станок из чугуна. Полуночный экспромт

Hello! How are you? Honestly I want to apologize, we have a little delayed reupload the second part of our epic to make a machine, This is due to the fact that the work is actually just above the roof. We are few, and there are many jobs. Therefore, the second part we’ll lay out […]


We used to swim the same moonlight waters Oceans away from the wakeful day My fall will be for you Scent of the sea before waking afterwards Brings me to thee Into the blue memory My fall will be for you Into the blue memory A siren from the deep came to me Sang my […]

Fabrication Table basse GEAR LED / coffee table gear LED : episode 1

Hey !!! hello the diyer Today ! we will see together the realization of my coffee table with gears and led So do not move! it’s now and now !!! Good viewing to you !!!! I begin by cutting the faces of the furniture. the latter consists of an upper part and a lower part […]

Fundamental of Welding Science and Technology [Intro Video]

Welcome to all of you. I am Doctor Pankaj Biswas, an Associate Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering, I I T Guwahati. I am going to offer a course on welding technology under the MOOC program of M H R D. The name of the course is Fundamental of Welding Science and Technology. As the name […]

Strength of Transverse Fillet Weld – Design of Welded Joints – Design of Machine

Hello Friends here in this video we will see what is meant by Strength of Transverse Fillet Weld in this here I would be deriving a formula of strength strength means load carrying capacity for a transverse fill it well but for that purpose I have to draw a diagram so let us get started […]

Stick Welding Training – Tips

This is the welding machine we were using to MIG weld in an earlier video. Now we will set it up to stick weld. First we need to set the machines welding mode to crisp stick. Next we’ll set the output current. In this case we will set it to about 90 amps. As the […]

How to Build a Steel Spiral Staircase : Welding Steps to the Center Pole for a Spiral Staircase

Hi! This is Weldon Moon on behalf of And we are going to the next step on how to build a spiral staircase. I have my partner Luke Merkley helping me on this segment. What we will do is show you how we mount the next step and yet it will be a repeat […]

Fatigue fracture of weld joints- I

This is the 5th lecture on the design of the weld joints, and this lecture will be based on the Fatigue Fracture of the Weld Joints. In the previous lecture on the design of the weld joints for static and dynamic loads, we have seen the step by step methods, which are commonly used for […]

Lec 35 – Metallurgical transformations in weld and heat affected zone of steels

hello i welcome you all in this presentation this presentation is based on the topic metallurgical transformations in the weld and heat affected zone of the steels so now we will try to see that what are the typical features related to the weld thermal cycles determining the – the structural transformation in the weld […]