Metal Detecting Bonanza!

What’s the word No Yep, so today we’re gonna go on a civil war relic Patrol train hunt this is a really good woods. I’m hearing my phone robbed He’s already digging so we’re gonna get right out of – as soon as a troll train quiets down But I want to show you something […]

How Spiders Use Electricity to Fly | Decoder

When you think of flying animals, what do you think of? Birds, butterflies, or bees might first come to mind, but what about spiders? Even though they don’t have wings, it turns out that spiders are actually some of nature’s best aviators. So, how do spiders take to the skies? Lightning storms are one of […]

A Sand Dollar’s Breakfast is Totally Metal | Deep Look

It’s a beachcomber’s prize. But this sand dollar is just an empty husk… a skeleton. This is what sand dollars really look like. Off the coast of California, Pacific sand dollars snuggle up together, like a big pile of purple sea cookies. They’re fuzzy… almost cuddly. But look closer… That fuzz is actually made up […]

FWC Lionfish: From Harvest to the Table – Full Version

It feels like you crash-land on another planet. There’s this massive thriving ecosystem down there that is full of color and activity and beauty. You’re out there on a tiny little oasis of just life and you get to kind of have it to yourself. Everybody wanted a lionfish in their aquarium because they are […]


– [Coyote] Wow, there it is! What? – [Camera Man] I totally got that. – [Coyote] Isn’t that crazy looking? – [Camera Man] That’s so gnarly. – [Coyote] Woo, it did not bite me, but boy did it make me jump. – [Interviewer] Does the worm feel any different when it does that? – [Coyote] […]

Why octopus? is the most intelligent? and mysterious animal on earth?

why are we fascinated by octopus since the beginning of civilization octopus have been part of our legends our decorations and our diets Aristotle and Jules Verne wrote about octopus how he fascinated because octopus look like aliens nothing else looks anything like them is it because we’ve always sensed their intelligence what do we […]