Bow Drill – Ember to flame

[Okay, I went out and collected some birch bark] [Got a few pieces of birch bark] [And what I’ve been doing…] [Is taking that birch bark] [Taking my knife] [And scraping it] [Scraping it] [Getting off the very fine… uh…] [Hopefully you can see that in the camera] [Get the very fine stuff off of […]

Installing a Metal Roof on an Off Grid Log Cabin Alone | Alaska Update

Solar Electricity for the Off Grid Log Cabin with Goal Zero Yeti Power Station

Live Shotgun Shell in flare pistol – What happens?

welcome backs folks Welcome back Taoflederfolks, Jeff and officer Gregg back out here with you on a ridiculously windy day I’m covered in flour from an earlier shoot. This is not cocaine. I promise you okay today We’re bringing you the Orion flare gun you’ve seen these before on this channel You probably see them […]