Comparing the Max Flame & Micro Butane Soldering Torches

Hi my name is Erica Stice. I’m the studio coordinator at Halstead and today I wanted to talk to you about the butane torches that we sell here at work. Now this is our X302 max flame. And this is a great flame for annealing and general soldering jobs and we’ve even used them for […]

Alberto Pototschnig | Electricity Markets: The Wholesale Markets

hello I’m Alberto patashnik I’m the director of the agency for the cooperation of energy regulators I’m also an advisor with the flooring school of regulation and I’ve been an advisor here for many years since the very early days of the school what I’m going to present today and introductory some introductory ideas on […]

Wholesale electricity market – keeping the lights on

It’s getting dark, better turn the lights on. Good plan. Amazes me that you can just flick a switch and we have light. Just like that! Yeah! And don’t you sometimes wonder how that happens? Now that you mention it… (Cuts in) Turns out there’s a network of lines all around the country to do […]