Electric Snow Melting system installed in an Asphalt Driveway

welcome to our snow melting under asphalt video as you can see a few of the leaves are falling here it’s they say on TV winter is coming so we need to get this thing ready to go so what we’re going to do is we’re going to be installing tire tracks in this area […]

This Brain Implant Could Change Lives

I had just finished my freshman year of college. I was out in the ocean and I dove out and into a wave, something I had done many times before. I dove into a sandbar that had drifted in, which fractured my spine and damaged my spinal cord, and that left me as a C5 […]

Table with wheels Part 2

Alright so my other video got cut off at the end. All I wanted to tell you since I showed you the table is how to find something like this. Go to any home goods department and search for an old time TV stand. That’s basically what it is. This one is old. They are […]

How to Build an Off Road Wheelchair (From 2 Electric Bikes)

So I met a girl a couple of weeks ago who is in a wheelchair. Now, wheelchairs are great for pavement and flat surfaces, but not so much for off-road adventures. I secretly built this off-road wheelchair by tying 2 electric bikes together with a seat in the center – kind of like a chariot […]

Deep sea diving … in a wheelchair | Sue Austin

Translator: Joseph Geni Reviewer: Morton Bast It’s wonderful to be here to talk about my journey, to talk about the wheelchair and the freedom it has bought me. I started using a wheelchair 16 years ago when an extended illness changed the way I could access the world. When I started using the wheelchair, it […]