What Were Those Weird Metal Things on the Beaches During the Normandy Invasion?

The Normandy Invasions represented one of the single largest military maneuvers in history. Beginning on June 6, 1944, D-Day (see, What does the “D” in D-Day stand for?), the invasion was the largest amphibious assault of all time and involved what basically amounted to the collective might of a large percentage of the nations in […]

Morooka mst1500 dumper – how to weld a personnel carrier

I’m Wyatt I’m Tim today we’re taking one of our 1500 Morooka we’re gonna put a personnel carrier on it be welding cutting grinding it’s gonna be a mess today we’re constantly modifying these Morooka’s today we have a 1500 Morooka in here now we’re going to take from a dump bed into an 18-man […]

Electricity at all costs: Kribi gas-powered electricity station

Just a few families those who were living at the center near the plant were compensated and relocated but those who remained, living 100 meters 200 to 400 meters from the site are still there. They have been left behind and they are the ones still bearing the full force of the activity of the […]

Our heavy equipment bodywork tips and tricks- repairing rust and fiberglass

What’s up this is Kenny Young here at Newman Tractor and today we’re gonna do bod ywork! First things first, we’re doing some body work and we’re pulling off the doors. On some of the older equipment uh, you know, you can’t find parts for. So sometimes in our shop, we’ll just have to fab […]

Season 10, Episode 2 – Heavy Metal | Red vs. Blue

– Sir, enemy fighters approaching. – Fire at will counselor, lets send them back to the scrap yard. – It appears we are now taking fire. – Release the drop ships, get the team in position. – Well that went to hell quicker than we thought, out of the frying pan, into the shit. – […]

Halo 2 – 2° Spot TV (Teaser VOST)

We ran from them. They followed. We thought they’d never find us. We were wrong. I will continue my campaign against the humans ! No enemy has ever withstood our might. Chief, we’re running out of time. I need a weapon. — Friendlies moving out, covering fire ! — We’ve got Jackals in the courtyard […]

Why We Stay: 0331 Machine Gunner

(inspirational music) – I’m Sergeant Joseph Anders, I’m with seventh Battalion, first Marines. Quavnis Scumry Acadorate. The Marine Corps, out of all the service branches to me seems like the only one that really has that warrior mentality, still left in that we’re gonna be men, we’re gonna go fight, this is our profession. I […]

Soil Remediation with Electricity

This animation shows how St. John-Mittelhauser & Associates remediated soil contamination at a former chemical storage facility. The drawing shows the locations of three chemical storage tanks and the associated filling pipes. A grid pattern of borings was completed around the tanks and soil samples were collected every two feet in depth until groundwater was […]

How to Install a Stainless Steel Chimney Liner

Our mission today is to install a stainless steel liner down the chimney flue will be connecting to the back of a yellow wood stove with a tee connection here at shop what we’re going to do is roll out that relaxes stainless steel pipe then roll the insulation is sprayed with an adhesive we’re […]

Coming Soon: Eagles of Death Metal Speak Out about the Paris Attacks

– Several people hid in our dressing room, and the killers were able to get in and killed every one of them; except for a kid who was hiding under my leather jacket. [Shane Smith]: The killers got in your dressing room? [Jesse Hughes]: Yeah. [Shane Smith]: [In disbelief] Wow… [Jesse Hughes]: People were playing […]