Russ On The Evolution of Do It Everyday Music Or Nothing | Fuse

It’s funny how prophetic we were. Cause it stands for “Do It Every Day Music Or Nothin” Because we weren’t…I mean we were doin music every day but it’s funny to tie that idea that was formed at seventeen and tie it back into the fact that I ended up, a song every week. It’s […]

Melting Pot or Mixed Salad by Shmoop

Melting Pot or Mixed Salad… America’s Food Fight. Watch your head! I warned ya. So… as you might have surmised, my friends and I are having a bit of a food fight. There’s nothing that makes you feel quite as good as nailing a buddy in the back of the head with a rack of […]

How to Make Valentine’s Day Fondue : How to Melt Fondue Chocolate

Now, we’re going to melt the chocolate and we’re going to take the forks out of the pot and I?m going to put the pot on 250. It goes all the way up to 400, but you’d probably want to use the 400 setting if you were doing, say, like bullion for meat. But, for […]

The Naked and Famous Take Fuse’s BFF Quiz | Music Midtown 2017 | Fuse

[Talking Over Each Other] We finish each-others… …Sentences… Because we’re best friends… [Talking Over Each Other] Forever…Naked and Famous And my name’s [Talking Over Each Other] Aaron….David… ♪ ♪ We’re here on Fuse TV at Midtown Festival and now we’re gonna try and guess each-others answers to some fun questions. See how well we know […]

Loofah Soap Scrubbies | Melt & Pour | SPACE CITY SOAPS

[beautiful chill intro music] Hey this is Beau with Space City Soaps And this is our little kitty Ginger Today I will be making, uh [laughs nervously] Making uh, uh, Loofah Soaps And I’ll see you in the kitchen Alright So today we are going to be making Loofah Soap And right here we have […]

Autism and Joint Attention | Fun Minute Tip 3

It’s time for Into the Spectrum’s, FUN MINUTE TIP! Hi, I’m back again, it’s Courtney Peters and today we’re going to talk about Joint Attention. So what is Joint Attention? What you’re doing is sharing enjoyment with somebody. Let’s think of when you’re outside with somebody and you see an airplane. So what you do […]

How to make Steak n Shake’s Frisco Melt – Easy Cooking!

Hey Cookaholics chef Kendra here and today we’re making a clone type deal from the American fast food restaurant, Steak n Shake. I’m not claiming any authenticity it’s just my take on it. Alright, lets do what we do. Head to the kitchen and make it happen. Steak n Shake is known for all they’re […]

AJR Play Fuse’s “Storytime With…” | Music Midtown 2017 | Fuse

♪♪ Hello, we’re AJR: Adam, Jack and and Ryan, he’s gonna be asking us to give him adjectives to fill out a nice little story, and we don’t know what the story is, so let’s get started. We used to do this a lot when we were young, right? We did! I’m excited to see […]