Arduino Made Easy(er) The Welding Sketch – Lesson 08

welcome to another episode of Arduino Made Easy this is lesson 8 and we’re going to go over the welder scene that I did on a previous video so let’s see how we did that I’m Tom Kvichakc and this is Toms Trains and Things this channel was created to help other modelers who are […]

How to Solder : Soldering with Speaker Cables

Hi, this is Jeff Naylor from Mtroniks in Mesa, Arizona for Expert Village. Your prep work is really dependent on what type of connector you’re going to be putting on your speaker cable. Now, as you saw on our last section, we tin the wires if we’re going to a quarter inch cable. We’re also […]

The Future of Seafood – Trailer

It is estimated there will be two billion more people on the planet by mid-century. Growing enough food for this booming world population without serious environmental impacts is one of the greatest challenges to face humanity. The same way that we have been through the Green Revolution, with aquaculture right now we’re going through the […]

SEMA 2018: Custom-Painted BELL Helmets by Schultz Designz

My name is Taylor Schultz from Schultz designs in Northern California. We’re here at the 2018 summer show. We’re doing a bunch of Bell power sports helmets. We’re gonna be giving one away every day so be sure to come by. And this is just one that I brought that I painted prior to coming […]

Exercise Dugong 2016

Currently we’re on Exercise DUGONG 2016. We have approximately 25 American salvage divers and approximately 20 of us. We’re just doing a training exercise to enhance their skills and some tactical development between the countries. Over the last week and a half we’ve been practicing all different sorts of techniques underwater from welding to underwater […]

How to Make First Layer of Princess Cake | Birthday Cakes

Today we’re going to make a castle cake. And for that we’re going to actually need two cakes of different sizes. I’ve chosen to use an 8-inch square and a 6-inch square and we’re going to tare our cake, which means we’re going to stack the larger one on the bottom and then we’re going […]

Rope-access welding and cutting of metal constructions / Высотные работы по резке металла

How we were holding excavator dismantling We conducted all preparatory works… Explosives specialists laid pinpoint blasting charges… Then everything was rechecked … And…

Quickie #007 Cheap Welding Table – 22€

Now let’s put the pieces together oh… we’re gonna insert a piece of plywood from the top to give it some strength the plywood is a left-over piece from the DIY market and we’re gonna cut it to the right size now now thät comes on… yes, yes… we need to make some minor adjustments […]