How to Drill Stainless Steel, Cobalt Bit Review Chimney Cap Layers

So we’re drilling through a couple layers of stainless here, and we’re trying to keep everything straight, and so we’re using a cobalt bit. All the other bits seem to just not want to do it, So, you go a little bit slow to begin with, until you make a mark in it, and then […]

Fifth Wheel Installation – 2005 Ford F-350 –

Today on our 2005 Ford F-350 Super Duty Crew Cab with an eight-foot bed, were going to be installing the Reese Quick-Install Custom Base Rails and Installation Kit for Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitches, part number RP50082-58. First, were going to begin our installation by removing both of the rear wheels as it will give our […]

Victaulic Installation-Ready™ Fire Protection Couplings & Pipe Fittings

Patented Installation-Ready Technology from Victaulic is revolutionizing the planning and implementation of fire protection systems where safety installation speed efficiency and reliability is paramount. Argus fire protection limited selected victaulic installation ready technology in a time-critical warehouse extension project in Auckland, New Zealand they’ve got a site here behind me that’s 27,000 square meter warehouse […]

Small Classes. Big Jobs.

Just like you, we’re ready to get to work. With more than 15 programs to choose from, we’re giving you the hands-on training needed for high demand jobs. Not sure if you want a four-year degree? No problem. Complete your certificate or associate program in one or two years and earn up to $40 an […]

How to Dial and Change Safe Combination Lock Part 001 | Mr. Locksmith Training Video

(whooshing) – Okay, this is a La Gard, actually, three wheel safe combination. This is the combination dial. And this is the Opening Index. And this is the Changing Index. So what we’re gonna do right now, it’s set to factory code. Well, it’s not set to factory. There’s a big argument, “what is factory?” […]

2016 WU Tech Signing Day Recap

national technical letter in 10th year 3 500 students a change in lives doesn’t get much better now we’re here for a celebration they are committing to us today to come instead of but we’re committing to them that we’re going to do everything we can to make fantasies industries screaming screaming through qualified technicians […]

Arduino Made Easy(er) The Welding Sketch – Lesson 08

welcome to another episode of Arduino Made Easy this is lesson 8 and we’re going to go over the welder scene that I did on a previous video so let’s see how we did that I’m Tom Kvichakc and this is Toms Trains and Things this channel was created to help other modelers who are […]

How to Solder : Soldering with Speaker Cables

Hi, this is Jeff Naylor from Mtroniks in Mesa, Arizona for Expert Village. Your prep work is really dependent on what type of connector you’re going to be putting on your speaker cable. Now, as you saw on our last section, we tin the wires if we’re going to a quarter inch cable. We’re also […]

The Future of Seafood – Trailer

It is estimated there will be two billion more people on the planet by mid-century. Growing enough food for this booming world population without serious environmental impacts is one of the greatest challenges to face humanity. The same way that we have been through the Green Revolution, with aquaculture right now we’re going through the […]

SEMA 2018: Custom-Painted BELL Helmets by Schultz Designz

My name is Taylor Schultz from Schultz designs in Northern California. We’re here at the 2018 summer show. We’re doing a bunch of Bell power sports helmets. We’re gonna be giving one away every day so be sure to come by. And this is just one that I brought that I painted prior to coming […]