How to make an overhead crane?- Welding of web plate and longitudinal bars between meshs

CLES Crane specializes in Overhead Cranes, Gantry Cranes, Jib Cranes, Electric Hoists, Open Winches. How to make an overhead crane? Welding of web plate and longitudinal bars between meshs

How to Use Reusable Pop Rivets to Clamp Steel – Kevin Caron

(Text on screen): How to Use Reusable Pop Rivets to Clamp Steel, Kevin Caron, The Voice: Hey, Kevin. What are you playing with? Kevin Caron: Little fasteners. You want to put two pieces of metal together, you’ve got pop rivets. These have become pretty darn popular here lately. But what happens if you want […]

Automatic Steel Sheet Butt Welding Machine 7 meters No.4

Product Picture of High quality Automatic Submerged + Plasma Butt Welding Machine TIG Welding Machine Butt plate automatic TIG welding machine Flat plate automatic TIG welding machine from Bota Solar Water Heater Production Line TIG/MIG Open Type Straight Welding Machine This machine mostly used in pressure solar water heater, equiped with panasonic welder. Function: This […]

How to do longitudinal welding?

How to do longitudinal welding? Today we are going to talk about an application for longitudinal welding The aim is to obtain high-speed beads in automated or robotised applications in wire process on carbon steel welding We will use a 3-thickness plate that we will have previously clamped to prevent distortions and the objective be […]

NASA Now Minute: Engineering: Friction Stir Welding

[ Sound Effects ] The science behind welding for space. [ Sound Effects ] Generally speaking, there are two types of welding. There’s fusion welding and solid-state welding. Some of the fusion processes, we’re more familiar with, you know, that’s the stick electrode or the gas metal arc welding. The solid-state welding is a bit […]

Pipe Trades Pro Intro and How to Use

The Pipe Trades Pro is a powerful and rugged calculator specifically designed for pipefitters, sprinklerfitters, steamfitters and welders. You can use the Pipe Trades Pro anywhere to solve all kinds of pipe trades problems. It has functions for angles and slopes for drainage, for offsets and rolling offsets. You can calculate travel and run and […]

Car Restoration, Welding & Respraying – Dilly 1962 Splitty in UK

Hello.At tssst in Cardiff UK we do autobody repairs, Volkswagen split-screen camper “dilly” in to have her partially restored. It only had one month MOT to run. It was going to fail because it needed substantial bodywork repairs. The cargo bay floor was going to need replacing. This was going to be a large investment […]

How To Have A Cool Career- Become A Welder! Train At Tulsa Welding School & Technology Center

come on admit it welding looks pretty cool working with your hands melting metal getting the work in motorsports auto customization shipyards heavy industry this is something you could see yourself doing so do something about it go to Tulsa Welding School and Technology Center and get trained for a welding career in just seven […]

How to Use & Maintain Welding Equipment : Understand the 7018 Welding Rod

On behalf of Expert Village, I’m Terry and today I’m going to show you how to use a welder. This is a 7018 rod. It’s basically a multi purpose rod. The 6011 I used earlier, I mainly use it for tacking and for doing root passes because usually on a root pass if you?re doing […]