How Would you Kill it? The North American TigSquito – (Mystery Junk Box 14)

Bomber Seat – made EASY!

One of my most popular YouTube videos is Beading Machine Basics. It’s had over 2.6 million views so far, with no end in sight. The grand finale of this video shows a fancy Bomber Seat made from aluminum. There’s a link to this video in the comments section if you’d like to see it. A […]

Motorcycle. Welding. DIY, Nuts and bolts

another bolt and nut project I thought i make a motorcycle and I saw one of the motors made from like these washers they were made like V motor so I thought I’d try that, like this. this is the one cylinder we just grind these and there’s the another. and attach these like that […]

Pickup Truck Flareside Plastic Side Panel Repair

In this video, we will show you how to repair a thermoset polyurethane part using the airless plastic welder. This is a urethane Chevy bedside panel with a chunk missing. It also has a crack and some smaller areas missing. We are going to take a section from a scrap pickup bed and splice it […]

TIG Welding a 4130 Chromoly Control Arm

How to MIG Weld a Grinder Stand

– Hi, I’m Joel Ort with Hobart Welding Products. Today we have a project for you that is more of a need than a project. What I mean by that is I’m going to be building a grinder stand. And the reason for that is I’ve always had my grinder sitting on my workbench, so […]

Jak Spawać Elektrodą Zasadową,Otulina EB150,Spoina Pachwinowa w Pozycji Pionowej, Nauka Spawania,

Hello from here Adam I welcome you to my chnnel In today’s episode I wiil demonstrate how to weld vertical joint in 3F position In today’s episode I wiil demonstrate how to weld vertical joint in 3F position by coversd elektrode 7018 base EB150 with a diameter 3.2mm I invite you for my video At […]