Laser Plastic Welding Technology at the Battery Show Novi, MI_2019

This is Jacob camp Lester technologies doing a demonstration today of our W SAT Turkey laser plastic welding system A spot-up dickhead 200 millimeter not focal lens is a diode laser, then it’s that Q ability Powers up to 200 watts What I can do right now is actually show you the part. So here’s […]

Miller Continuum Simplifies Setup and Training for New Welders

Hi I’m John. Miller’s most advanced industrial welding solution, Continuum™ for semi-auto applications, and Auto-Continuum™ for automation, come in 350 and 500 amp models, both at a 100% duty cycle. The simple user interface on the Continuum allows for minimal training and gets you welding faster with greater confidence for welders at all skill levels. […]

New Welding Technology Increases Manufacturing Productivity

Hi, Ed Crum with Miller. Today manufacturers are faced with many challenges and competitive pressures in the marketplace. Companies are forced to increase productivity, improve overall quality, and reduce cost to stay competitive in the market. We’re going to focus on three key challenges and the advancements in technology that Miller is bringing to the […]

K-TIG Live Demonstration Session

Greetings! Welcome to your K-TIG information session We can’t wait to find out more about what you guys do as well as share some information about what K-TIG does After that we’ll shoot out into the workshop we’ll give you a live demonstration and you can what a weld in real time via out live […]

Stop Wasting Time and Money in Field Welding Operations

Industry data coupled with my time spent at construction sites tells us that welding operators are typically taking four trips back to the power source to adjust either their processes or their parameters. The bead strip, lasting upwards of 15 minutes, that’s costing you $11,250 on the job site. By using our ArcReach technology, which […]

M&M Welding Saves Time and Money With ArcReach Technology

I’m Mark Upshaw, and about five years ago my wife and I started M&M Welding. We do work all over the state of California. We do a lot of different types of welding here. Primarily we’re mobile welding. Our customers need high-quality welds — critical welds — but they also need the job done quick […]

Northeastern Welding Technology

You have a welder, almost anything’s possible. It’s just so diverse. Like, you can go underwater weld, you can go weld pipe, you can go have a fabrication shop and build stuff. Northeastern Junior College Welding program offers six certificate options, um, one for each of the major welding processes. So shielded metal arc, gas […]

Welding – Bruce Parramore

[BLANK_AUDIO] I originally started, I made a homemade go-kart. I finished the project and I didn’t have anything to do. I decided I should go to welding school, so I could make bigger, bigger things. And I was also in kind of a dead-end situation as far as my career would be as a truck […]

Pratt & Miller Switches to Millermatic 255 MIG Welder

I’m Bryan, Master Fabricator at Pratt & Miller Engineering. Switching to the new Millermatic 255 has been seamless, you know, it’s just been super easy. It really just feels simple. It’s nice to be able to get to a machine and not worried about where your settings are and all that. You get there, you […]

Apex Steel Saves Time with Miller ArcReach Welding Technology

Hi my name is Jim Green, I’m the general superintendent for Apex Steel and Apex Tower Crane. We’re structural steel contractor, we specialize in steel erection, architectural iron, and we also have a tower crane and man lift division. Our customers really demand quality and they’ve come to expect the quality that Apex puts out […]