Простой монтажный стол “сварочный стол”, своими руками (сборка на «коленке»)

Assembly table (welding table)

용접 테이블 만들기 [welding table Build]

We’re creating a welding table. This iron plate… It’s about 20 T’s of steel. And based on this center, The iron plate’s a little bent. Assuming you’re working, This is how short a difference happens. If there’s such a short difference, You might say that you can hardly work. I mean, there’s a difference. There’s […]

Mesa para soldar y de trabajo barata presupuesto bajo /welding workbench at low cost

welding workbench at low budget I went to a local welding shop and bought a metal sheet from their scrap pile this is a small table it is 2 1/2 feet length, 2.4 feet wide and 1/2″ thick I have some old bed rails that I’m going to use as a frame for the table […]

TEKA filtoo Workstation

In this video we demonstrate how practical and space-saving the filtoo workstation is in the daily workflow. A microstep cutting system with the attached TEKA suction device brings the workpiece into shape. Next, the TEKA filtoo workstation is used. The work surface with downdraft suction is ideal for welding. Also, as a regular workbench for […]

budget tig welding table

I just wanted to show you my welding table I made it about ten years ago I made it from one of these $30.00 workbench kits and what I did was just cut the top crossbar and extend it with some angle iron it was one of the first things I wall did the material […]

Aluminum Boat Mast Build | JIMBO’S GARAGE

welcome to Jimbo’s garage welcome back to Jimbo’s garage well I’ve got another good one for you here this week we’re gonna be building an aluminum mast crane for for the back of a houseboat it might be similar to a dabit crane or add a bit lift the idea is going to be same […]

Cut up to 7/8″ Metal With the Eastwood Versa-Cut 60!

this is averse cut 60 this will cut up to 78 plate it’s a it’s a monster yeah I I’ve cut seven eighths within it . it does it’s impressive and its light so I mean only about 45 pounds yeah you can carry it around I mean it will do everything on your restoration […]


welcome Jimbo’s garage good evening everyone welcome back to Jimbo’s garage well today we’re gonna be taking a look at the HTP inverarc 200p LP but before we get started I just want to say this is not a paid endorsement from HTP I did call them I let them know that I’d be interested […]