Welding Essentials & Must-Haves on Today’s Live Video at Eastwood.com + Get Your Questions Answered.

everybody thanks for joining us for another live video on facebook and youtube i’m randy here in the East garage today we’re talking about welding essentials so of course we’ve got mad with us you’ve seen in many of our videos and as always if you have any questions make sure you ask them in […]

ArcOne Carrera Welding Helmet & Accessories | Fasteners 101

Welcome back to Albany County Fasteners – Fasteners 101 Today we’re going to be talking about welding helmets, but before we do please Subscribe, Like and Share our videos. So let’s get started. I have the Carrera ArcOne helmet here. It has a nice sweat band on the helmet. Here is your adjustment in the […]

Extra Large View Welding Helmet – Auto Darkening, Grind Mode & More! Eastwood

yeah there are three features you really want and need a welding helmet it’s auto-dimming grind mode and of course an extra-large u window and the eastwood extra-large view auto darkening welding helmet has all those features that will make your job easier and better plus at a great price this is the helmet you […]