Great Tips for Welding Sheet Metal with the TIG 200 AC/DC Welder! Eastwood

everybody it’s matt from eastwood company we’re here in eastwood garage doing another live-text session for you guys to have them watch this before we wanted to be as interactive as possible so we have over here on the chat we have Randy do you see do a lot of these as well Randy is […]

Plug Welding Holes in Sheet Metal with Magnetic Copper Backers – Mike Finnegan at Hot Rod – Eastwood

hey it’s Finnegan back in the hot rod garage and i’m getting ready to weld a whole lot of holes shut in the firewall my 1955 Chevy using the eastwood magnetic plug welding tool this thing is awesome think of it as another pair of hands that are going to hold that copper plate right […]

TIG 200 Digital – Pulse Feature Explained – Eastwood

if you’re serious about TIG welding you may be looking for a machine that has a pulse setting which is a feature that really makes this unit stand out this digital Pig has both AC and DC pulse settings remember DC’s for welding steel and AC is for welding aluminum this feature allows you to […]

MIG Welding Technique – Kevin Caron

(Text on screen): MIG Welding Technique, Kevin Caron, The Voice: Hey, Kevin. Kevin Caron: Hey. The Voice: You know, you talk about TIG welding, you talk about MIG welding, you talk about oxygen acetylene and stick welding. Can you show us what MIG welding is? Kevin Caron: Sure. Sure. I can do that. MIG […]

Forney® Electrical Solder LIne

Have an electrical or wiring issue that needs repair? Or maybe a broken circuit board that needs a simple solder fix? The Electrical Solder offering at Forney Industries has a solution. Electrical Solder has good bonding quality and is available in lead and lead-free options. The lead-free options in this line contain a high TIN […]

TIG 200 Digital Welder – Weld Steel & Aluminum – New Added Features – Eastwood

all the features of a professional machine but at a fraction of the price is the best way to describe this digital 200-amp AC DC TIG welder from eastwood let’s see it in action and show you what it can do this machine operates on 240 volts and has attended 200-amp welding range making it […]

ArcOne Welding Headgear For Maximum Comfort | Fasteners 101

I have here the replaceable inserts for (ArcOne) welding helmets. Basically to replace the unit, just unscrew these two nuts and just pop this off. They pop out on the inside and it just comes right apart. This welding helmet comes with the economy insert. So you only have you have a plastic top with […]

Diagnosing Bad MIG Welds – Tip & Tricks for Setting Up Your MIG Welder

everybody it’s matt from eastwood company and welcome to another live broadcast or we’re going to teach you about east with tools and give you a little bit of knowledge if you guys haven’t watched one of our live broadcast before we try to make them as interactive as possible so we have over are […]

Welding Essentials & Must-Haves on Today’s Live Video at + Get Your Questions Answered.

everybody thanks for joining us for another live video on facebook and youtube i’m randy here in the East garage today we’re talking about welding essentials so of course we’ve got mad with us you’ve seen in many of our videos and as always if you have any questions make sure you ask them in […]

ArcOne Carrera Welding Helmet & Accessories | Fasteners 101

Welcome back to Albany County Fasteners – Fasteners 101 Today we’re going to be talking about welding helmets, but before we do please Subscribe, Like and Share our videos. So let’s get started. I have the Carrera ArcOne helmet here. It has a nice sweat band on the helmet. Here is your adjustment in the […]