Lynnes Welding Training – North Dakota – web promo

I had a friend and his father was a welder and he was excited about it and passionate about it and so I thought I may give it a shot then he told me about Lynnes Welding There is no end to the opportunities in the welding industry. Today a career in welding is more […]

Welding at SCTCC

I get to build stuff my hands, I get to use my mind every day, I get to strengthen my body, and you get paid a lot of money doing it, too. I took the time to figure out what I wanted to do and I figured out that welding was it. I looked at […]

Penn College poised to be a pioneer in electron beam welding

Dave Cotner: By all indications and information that we can find, we will be the only educational facility in the country to have an electron beam welder. Tony Slater: In fact, I can think of maybe only one other that has access to it and it’s not in America. Narrator: Come October, one will be […]

National Welding Month with South Seattle College

If it wasn’t for welders, we would be living in the Stone Age literally. The buildings, ya know, the infrastructure of the world we live in is all here because of the welded technology. When the industry tells us what their needs are and we’re training people to do this then we’re giving the industry […]

Kayla Belser – Welding Graduate – Nashville Campus

heard about Lincoln Tech on TV while laying in my bed thinking what am I gonna do with my life so I sing Lincoln College and I seen first it was all to be it’ll probably I was like oh wow yeah I called him up and I the recruiter she really helped she helped […]

Miller Presents: Building a Welder with Michael Brandt

Michael, how old were you when you actually first experienced the zen of welding? At age nine I got my first taste of welding in my grandfather’s workshop and it was awesome. How good were you at it? I sucked at it. I was doing good if I could get the electrode not to stick […]

Learning to weld at Espace Fabrique

What’s up, I’m here at Espace Fabrique in Montreal. Espace Fabrique in French loosely translates to makerspace and that’s exactly what this place is. A place where makers can come create and hang out with other makers. They have tons of tools that you could use and the way it works is it’s a membership […]

Northeastern Welding Technology

You have a welder, almost anything’s possible. It’s just so diverse. Like, you can go underwater weld, you can go weld pipe, you can go have a fabrication shop and build stuff. Northeastern Junior College Welding program offers six certificate options, um, one for each of the major welding processes. So shielded metal arc, gas […]

Build Welding’s Future With Hope Struse

One day Hope asked me if I would show her how to weld, because she wanted to make something for her brother Zane. The first weld that I made was on a Miller Passport, it was a machine that my dad’s had for probably 20 years. From there, it was a thrill, it was a […]