Welcome to Jimbo’s Garage welcome back to Jimbos Garage well you know lightings always a problem everybody shop especially when you’re doing some filming or not even filming just doing some general work now my shop is about 900 square feet and I felt that I’ve got pretty good lighting in here I’ve got (4) […]

How to Create a Custom Metal Sign With a Plasma Cutter

My name’s Barbie The Welder, and I’m a full-time metal sculptor. Today I’m going to share with you how to easily make some metal art using a plasma cutter. This project is super cool because there are no limits to what you can make. All you gotta do is use your imagination and follow the […]

Fixing My Mill – JIMBOS GARAGE

Welcome back to Jimbo’s Garage welcome back to jimbos garage well the time had finally come think I want to drag this old mill out and get it operational now this was my bottom loss meal when he moved it was about five years ago we just toss it in the corner over here and […]

DIY utility trailer – sides and ramps for cargo

okay hello and welcome to another episode of BigRredFishDad YouTube channel. Today we were going to get some bass road base for some of the holes down there that wash out in the rain on the hill and we decided you know that the dirt gets caught in the in between these angling arms here […]

How to Make a Modern Outdoor Table

What’s up guys, I’m Brad Rodriguez from Fix This Build That and today I’m going to show you how to make a modern outdoor table. It’s got some crazy welded base legs I had John Malecki help me out on that and I also had Mike Montgomery help me out on the top It was […]

Post Hole Auger – DIY (Weekend Welding Warrior)(Updated version available)

This is a project I did, had no real reason for it. it’s a post hole auger This is a piece of wood. a handle I bought at a hardware store a pipe “T” fitting This is a pipe nipple I cut in half I did not want to grind this out and put in […]

Adjustable Stainless Feet – Weekend Welding Warrior

A while back I posted this video on how to make this end table. And I mentioned that I put stainless steel adjustable feet on it. At the time I did not tell you how to do that. This is the detail on how to set up that job. This is not a welding video. […]

Welding in the farm shop with Glen

– Hey, it’s a great time to be in the shop, let’s do some welding. (slamming) (growling) So, I finally got out of the office, get back into the shop, continue working on my flamer. So, today we’re working on welding up a couple parts. We’re welding up the bracket that we used the plasma […]

Concrete Cracks – JG STORIES

it’s actually raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock you know that’s very used unusual for us here in Southern California we don’t get very much rain at all and glad to see it to tell you the truth we we really needed here but you know me being the concrete contractor this […]

Weld Furniture Without Disassembling – Weekend Welding Warrior

This is a foot stool and this part broke off. Let’s get a closeup on the old weld and I can show you where it failed. There it is. It pretty much pealed off. There was no significant penetration. What I plan to do is simply place the plate back in its original position. It […]