TIG WELDING PIPE 400A(16INCH) Stainless pipe #walking the cup

안녕하세요 오늘은 스테인레스 파이프 400a 티그용접에 대한 영상을 만들었습니다 단차가 약간 있구요 이런 모양으로 TACKING 되어 있습니다 구멍도 뚫려있는 상황이구요 이런 모양의 물건 입니다 그리고 파이프는 400A 치수는 이 정도 되구요 사이즈는 16인치 스케줄 10자리 스테인레스 파이프입니다 파이프 두께는 4.78mm 약 5mm가 약간 안되죠 링 두께는5mm 스테인레스 스틸입니다 이런 모양의 물건을 해보겠습니다 이런 제품의 용접방법에도 […]

Unusual & Uncommon Uses for a TIG Welder – Eastwood

everybody mad at Eastwood we’re here in the east with garage to another live-text session if you guys haven’t watched one of these before like it to be as interactive as possible so I want you guys to join in log into the chat on facebook or youtube and you can ask questions so we […]

DIY welding with batteries (Good or Bad idea)

I mistakenly said Ohm’s law while that was power rule. lol

৬০০০ ভিএ ইন্ডাস্ট্রিয়াল স্পট ওয়েল্ডিং (Spot Welding) মেশিনের ভেতর বাহির

আমরা একটি ইন্ডাস্ট্রিয়াল স্পট ওয়েল্ডার দেখতে পাচ্ছি স্পট ওয়েল্ডারের প্রোব দুটি দেখছেন এই Spot welder কীভাবে কাজ করে তা আমাদের কে শুকদেব বিশ্বাস বর্ননা দেবেন এর ভেতরে কি আছে দেখি চলুন এটার ভেতরে বড় হাই ভোল্টেজ ও হাই কারেন্টের ট্রান্সফরমার দেখা যাচ্ছে এর প্রাইমারী কয়েল ভেতরে আছে বিশাল বড় ট্রান্সফরমার এর সেকেন্ডারি কয়েল মাত্র কয়েক […]

Ultrasonic welding, bonding and sealing by Herrmann Ultrasonics

It all started more than 50 years ago in Karlsbad, Germany when Walter Herrmann’s pioneering spirit started the Herrmann Group as a local business in the Blackforest; Under his guidance, it has become globally recognized — the leader in ultrasonic welding technology. Over 20 years ago, Thomas Herrmann, the son of Walter Herrmann, founded the […]

Tig Welding Root Pass Carbon Steel 1G Butt Welding #tigwelding 티그용접 백비드 아래보기 카본스틸

Hello, everyone. Today I made a back-bead video once. I’d appreciate it if you press SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, before you watch. Oh, one of our subscribers wants to know about Weaving at Carbon Steel. We’re making a video. I’ve created a back-bead video. These butt-welds are going to be able to create a joint of these […]

automatic cut ends and welding machine for tube mill—www.tengdimc.com,[email protected]

automatic cut ends and welding machine for tube mill—www.tengdimc.com

Inside the Mitsuweld JAPAN DC Inverter Welding Machine (Teardown)

Hi Guys this is the another video already try to Weld. That. that. that. Let’s try to open ahmmm… slightly risky, but lets try. here there’s a 2 bolts ahh. there’s two… screws at the back try it to open for those who are excited specially for those who are asking whats inside the screw […]

Column & Boom Welding Manipulators Demonstration (SAW and Open Arc)

Welding manipulators; productive welding automation. Any welding process can be integrated. Easy-to-use intuitive controls. Fully engineered for an extra heavy duty boom column design.

Great Tips for Welding Sheet Metal with the TIG 200 AC/DC Welder! Eastwood

everybody it’s matt from eastwood company we’re here in eastwood garage doing another live-text session for you guys to have them watch this before we wanted to be as interactive as possible so we have over here on the chat we have Randy do you see do a lot of these as well Randy is […]