MK: DIY Dragging the arc #QuickTip

What´s up, MK:DIY here! Today we gonna talk about welding. Sometimes for whatever reason, you can´t quite start the arc at the place you want to. Your workpiece might be dirty, or in awkward position. In this situation you can try dragging the arc from one place to antoher. You start the arc on place […]

Visit Huayuan inverter arc stud welding machine RSN 2500HD!

this is the Huayuan inverter arc stud welding machine R-SN 2500 huayuan is a cnc cutting machine and wedling machine company from the China We have been engaged in welding and cutting equipment manufacturing for nearly 20 years, with extensive experience and strong manufacturing capabilities We hope to cooperate with other countries in the world. […]

Welding machine – Cleaning and Upgrade Equipment DIY

Before After

Machine Tools in Steel Industry

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Самодельный держатель электродов. Крутая самоделка. Screw electrode holder.

Hello!!! Today I want to show the second version of my holder, which I think is even more reliable and more convenient than the previous version. Who watched the video on the creation of this holder knows what I’m talking about, a link how to make such a thing I will throw in description. I […]

Weld A Mount for Big Game Trophy

(welding noises) (music) hey guys so some of you might have seen the video from earlier this fall where I got to shoot this bull and… with my bow, and I finally got it all european mounted and the skull cleaned up and I just need to build a mount, so that I can mount […]

2019 Best Welding Machine Under 85$

Hey! What’s going on, welcome to my channel I am Abbey Omisol and this is Home Innoventions. If this is your first time here, this channel is made up of four pillars learn, inspire, build and collaborate. This channel is all about you me and all day job workers who love to do awesome things […]

Portable Spot Welder | Solidworks Tutorial

What is up guys, It is me jake and in this really quick solidworks tutorial I will be designing a portable spot welder that is gonna be made from an old microwave transformer and a bunch of scrap material. So, as I mention before the main component here will be a microwave transformer which we […]

Oxford rt250 oil cooled arc welder. Built to last.

hi guys today’s of you have you in my old Oxford RT 250 oil-cooled well die which has been absolutely fantastic machine my boys have a cold 250 amp it could be either for 15 or 2/3 you know 240 volts but what a fantastic machine another sort of 10 years and there’s nothing bad […]