Soldadura MIG MAG en el automóvil Parte 2

Hola en este video vamos a continuar conociendo los ajustes básicos en un equipo de soldadura mig mag actualmente existen unos equipos denominados sinérgicos que además de permitirnos seleccionar los ajustes de forma manual nos ofrecen la posibilidad de introduciendo ciertos valores como pueden ser el espesor de la chapa el tipo de material del […]

Alternatives to Welding Steel: Victaulic Vic-Press® for Schedule 10S Stainless Steel

In 1925, Victaulic revolutionized the way pipe was joined when we introduced the world to the mechanical coupling. Today with our latest innovation, Vic Press for Schedule 10s stainless steel, we’re taking another of our time-tested technologies and making it even better. More than twenty years ago, Victaulic introduced Press Fit for Schedule 5s stainless […]

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Burglar Bars – Swing Open (Updated Video Available)

Today’s video is… well, it’s kind of a long story I’ve been trying to get burglar bars for these windows for a very long time I’ve had over 10 people come out and look at them (I really want them for that window) This window is optional I guess what I want is rather unusual. […]

ARC-06B Six Axis CNC Plasma Welding System

ARC-06B Six Axis CNC Plasma Welding System This system has a nine minute cycle time to apply stellite to the pink, weld the journal and weld the thrust face. Included in this system is a Windows-based HMI for programming, editing and welding rock bit heads using CNC machine tool language. This machine achieves a rock […]

COA Welding

I’m Rick Ward, I’m the Welding instructor here at College of The Albemarle. One of the most popular courses we have is Welding. We offer, uh, basic 16-week learning to weld course and it’ll take you through uh stick first then MIG then TIG welding. We knew back in the 90’s that there was gonna […]

Testimonial for Ulster BOCES Welding Class

♪ What made you decide to go into welding first off? When I was 14, I actually got a job at Benson Steel in Saugerties. It’s a manufacturing company, and I just really fell in love with the art of it. -The art of what? -Welding, in all aspects. Cutting, the flying sparks, the flames, […]