ARC-06B Six Axis CNC Plasma Welding System

ARC-06B Six Axis CNC Plasma Welding System This system has a nine minute cycle time to apply stellite to the pink, weld the journal and weld the thrust face. Included in this system is a Windows-based HMI for programming, editing and welding rock bit heads using CNC machine tool language. This machine achieves a rock […]

COA Welding

I’m Rick Ward, I’m the Welding instructor here at College of The Albemarle. One of the most popular courses we have is Welding. We offer, uh, basic 16-week learning to weld course and it’ll take you through uh stick first then MIG then TIG welding. We knew back in the 90’s that there was gonna […]

Testimonial for Ulster BOCES Welding Class

♪ What made you decide to go into welding first off? When I was 14, I actually got a job at Benson Steel in Saugerties. It’s a manufacturing company, and I just really fell in love with the art of it. -The art of what? -Welding, in all aspects. Cutting, the flying sparks, the flames, […]

How Welding Fixed More Than Metal (with Joe Marolda)

Today on Waking Up In America I’m meeting with Joe Marolda at this workshop in Vineland, NJ. Joe is a metal artist who traded commercial welding for creativity and community service. Passionate about this faith, friends and his Italian heritage, Joe puts his heart and soul into every piece of functional art he sends out […]

Insane micro-Welding Experiment – Welding Gum Wrapper Foil

Today I have a crazy experiment. I did another attempt at welding aluminum foil a while back. That was successful. I wanted to know how thin of aluminum foil I could weld together. And the thinnest I can find is the stuff on gum wrappers. The problem with the gum wrapper is that is has […]

Replacing Welds. Reducing Costs

WS Steel is a tier one manufacturer of agricultural and power industry products one of the products they make was a medical cabinet for use in the pharmaceutical and hospital industry used for storing supplies and hazardous waste 3M™ VHB™ Tape essentially helps form the skeleton of the product it’s actually applied on the back […]

Victaulic Grooved Pipe Joint Welding Alternative for Pipe Installation: Time Comparison

Welding Alternative: Pipe Installation Time Comparison – Victaulic Grooved Pipe Joint vs. Welded Pipe Joint

Clarke MIG 145 No-Gas/Gas MIG Welder

The Clarke MIG 145 Welder offers the advantages of standard MIG welding without the need for gas bottles. Alternatively, it can easily be converted to use conventional shielding gases with the optional accessories which are available separately. This easy to set up MIG welder features a professional style, non-live torch which is a distinct advantage […]

Ultrasonic Stir Welding Technology Demonstration

Solid state welding technology has just experienced a breakthrough using ultrasonic energy. In this Ultrasonic Stir Welding system, sound energy is generated by two transducers then transmitted to the containment plate and stir rod. This energy reduces plunge, shear, and frictional forces, increasing the life of the pen tool and providing a significant increase in […]

Klutch two tier welding cart from northern tool

well here’s my new welding cart the chair let’s beat up and it looks like it’s been opened and then taped shut hope it ain’t missing any parts and let me get it out get a look at it this is what it’s supposed to look like and there are no instructions no instructions anywhere […]