How Plasma Cutting Works: Part 1

Plasma arc cutting is a process that uses an electric arc and high-velocity gas or air to cut metal. When gas or air is highly heated, it ionizes, becoming electrically charged plasma capable of conducting electrical current.

Miller Presents: Building a Welder with Michael Brandt

Michael, how old were you when you actually first experienced the zen of welding? At age nine I got my first taste of welding in my grandfather’s workshop and it was awesome. How good were you at it? I sucked at it. I was doing good if I could get the electrode not to stick […]

Build Welding’s Future With Hope Struse

One day Hope asked me if I would show her how to weld, because she wanted to make something for her brother Zane. The first weld that I made was on a Miller Passport, it was a machine that my dad’s had for probably 20 years. From there, it was a thrill, it was a […]

How Plasma Cutting Works: Part 2

The torch holds the consumable electrode in a recessed chamber where gas is heated to plasma. The tip of the torch holds the constricting nozzle with an orifice for the arc and plasma to pass through. As the arc and gas pass through the orifice, they are constricted into a focused column that increases the […]