Lincoln MIG Welder vs Eastwood Welder – Comparison & Testing Plus Tips & Techniques for Better Welds

mark here with Eastwood today on the rd quarter we’re going to talk about mig welders what we have to do is test our make 135 against Lincoln’s sp1 40 but a bunch you guys also had some questions about sheet metal work what we’re going to do is show you some of the tools […]

$*#t Welders Say

Greg: You got change for a dollar? Scott: Here’s a stack of Dimes. Greg: Oh (Expletive!!!) That’s hot. (Sound of metal hitting the floor) (Sound of welding but it doesn’t sound right) Oh, I forgot to turn on the gas (Sound of welding) Yeah, I got gas. (sound of metal clinking on the table) No, […]

The Rhino Cart Mobile Fixturing Station

the Rhino cart from strong hand tools is a mobile fixture and setup table ideal for fabrication welding or repair jobs the turnkey Rhino cart package includes the mobile welding table with a clamp and component fixture kit that mates to the CNC precision board holes on the reversible 48 inch by 30 inch nitrated […]

You Need This Tool – Episode 7 | Butt Welding Panel Clamps

glad you could be with me on this amazing friday Its Friday Fool ! I am grateful you took some time out of this special friday to come watch this video todays tool is none other then the amazing butt clamp also known by its scientific name of clampus maximus the butt clamp is mainly […]