DIY mig welding cart | Tự làm xe đẩy MÁY HÀN thật tiện và gọn gàng các bác à

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Hot Rod Garage – Build a Welding Cart with the Eastwood MIG 175 – Finnegan from Roadkill

yeah lots of big words like this eastwood big 175 come with optional parts but what do you do when you’ve got a MIG welder take well they’re a plasma cutter and a very small shot like I have to build your own car so today I’m gonna test out the eastwood make 175 while […]

MIG Welders – Great DIY Tools for an Enthusiast Restoring a Car or Bike -Eastwood

(Text on screen):Eastwood Mig Welders & Welding Accessories>>:[Music in background] Eastwood’s mig welders are great for an enthusiast restoring a car or bike or even doing a general fabrication in their home garage. Both welders have a smooth drive motor to feed the gun with infinitely adjustable wire speed and voltage, giving you the ability […]

Keep Your MIG & TIG Welder on One Cart- Professional Welding Cart + NEW PRODUCT REVEAL! Eastwood!!

oh hey didn’t see you there Randy here in East garage and today we decided to come live to you because we’re shooting a new video for our contour SE t you guys have seen the promos on this thing it’s absolutely amazing the countdown has begun it will come out the end of sep […]

Learning Mig Welder Basics

how it’s actually melting away into there yeah whose little gouges trying to get at the beginning and walk it up on top of this one a little more need to drill holes in the metal so there’s still kind of that’s right welcome back to another axe family video we’re here at my brother’s […]