How To Have A Cool Career- Become A Welder! Train At Tulsa Welding School & Technology Center

come on admit it welding looks pretty cool working with your hands melting metal getting the work in motorsports auto customization shipyards heavy industry this is something you could see yourself doing so do something about it go to Tulsa Welding School and Technology Center and get trained for a welding career in just seven […]

Today In America : Terry Bradshaw on Tulsa Welding School

innovation is the cornerstone of success in America in order to compete in the global marketplace businesses and individuals are continuously striving to stay ahead of the game i’m terry bradshaw you know from emerging technologies and financial strategies to the latest health care developments you would be surprised by the many factors coming into […]

How Josh Welton Started His Welding Business

So, I started Brown Dog Welding when I was working at Chrysler, I was a millwright there and welding was the part of the job that I really fell in love with as an apprentice. And we had to be on call all the time, so we couldn’t be deep in other work projects, so […]

How To Change Your Life In Only 7 Months – Take A Chance With Tulsa Welding School Jacksonville

yes I am a Tulsa Welding School graduate I work now for BAE Systems I recommend this school 100% in seven months at Tulsa Welding School it can really change your life and in seven months you’re already working on ships working on skyscrapers and you’re doing things at a regular job right now you’re […]

Technology in Motion – Welding

Hi everybody Heather from technology and motion back again today we are hanging out in our welding lab and we are here with John who is one of the instructors and he’s going to tell us a little bit about the program and some of the really cool things that they use here. So John […]

Why Brown Dog Welding Partners With Miller

Sponsorships and work partnerships have become kind of the new thing for social media influencers, if you will. The welding community’s been incredible, it’s had incredible growth, there’s a lot of guys that are awesome at what they do, they’re awesome at marketing what they do. The question I get asked the most is, “How […]

Welding Engineer Westley Smith

[ Music ]>>Westley Smith: I’m thankful about going to Penn College and the education I received because of the job opportunities I have. I wouldn’t have had near the opportunities that I do now. I mean, I can go almost anywhere in the United States, Canada, other places, if this job was never available, and […]