Welding Basics for Beginners

Hi I’m Steve Christena from Arc Academy. Arc Academy is a small beginner and entry-level welding school here in Chicago, Illinois. And what we do is we teach beginners how to weld, but everybody that comes through our door usually doesn’t have any idea what welding actually is which is the liquification of a base […]

TIG Welding 101: An All Inclusive Introduction to GTAW

– Welcome to Weld.com, I’m Bob Moffatt. Been teaching for a long time, long time. And in that time, I’ve noticed a lot of people that come to us for boot camps, for procedure work make some pretty common mistakes. Today we want to do a simple video on how to get into TIG welding. […]

Welding 101 for Hobbyists (and Nerds)

I got something fancy for Christmas this year. This is my new TIG welding machine, which I’ve already christened in the typical Practical Engineering fashion. I’m a welding newbie and currently absorbing anything I can on the subject, so while I learn, I thought I would take the time to boil down some of that […]