Tig Welding Walking The Cup on Carbon Steel 1G Butt Welding (hot pass, capping)티그용접 맞대기 #tigwelding

Hello. Today, I made a final-weaving video, with a groove in the butt weld I’d appreciate it if you press “subscribe” “like” before you see it. I’m the one who worked on the back-bead in the previous video. If you are curious about the back-bead video, please refer to the previous video. Today we’re putting […]

Tig Welding Basic #2 Tigwelding without filler 알곤용접배우기 #2 제살용접

Guten Tag. TIG Schweiß BASIC #2 Ich habe ein Video über “TIG WELDING WITHOUT FILLER” erstellt. Wir würden uns freuen, wenn Sie “SUBSCRIBE” “LIKE” drücken würden. Das ist Edelstahl. Die Dicke beträgt 3 mm. Ich werde damit zuerst schweißen. TIG WELDING WITHOUT FILLER ist eine der großen Stärken des Tigs. Sie können ohne Schweißstäbe schweißen. […]

SCM440 TIG Welding Fill and Cap(FREEHAND WELDING) 티그용접 SCM440 훌치기 용접

Hello, today… I made a video about the “SCM440” welding. I’d appreciate it if you could press “SUBSCRIBE” and “LIKE.” This is a material called “SCM440.” It’s a high hardness of iron. It’s very hard. The commonly known hard iron has an “SM45C.” It’s harder than “SM45C.” But the reason I brought this is because… […]

Tig welding Walking The Cup Stainless pipe and circular pad

Hello. Today… I made a video of “Pad-weld.” I’d appreciate it if you could press “subscribe” and “like.” When we weld in the field, there are times when we weld this kind of pad. There’s a variety of uses. There’s a lot of situations. And the pad’s “types” and “shape” and “thickness” also vary depending […]

Tig welding weaving Flange welding outside 5G (Walking The Cup) 티그용접 위빙 플랜지용접 바깥쪽

Click the “Subtitle” button. Hello. Today… I made a video of the 5G position welding the flange outside. I’d appreciate it if you could press “subscribe” and “like.” So here’s the order of welding. We’re going to weld it in 12 directions from 6:00. “First weld” feels like it’s filling in an empty space. For […]