MIG Welders – Great DIY Tools for an Enthusiast Restoring a Car or Bike -Eastwood

(Text on screen):Eastwood Mig Welders & Welding Accessories>>:[Music in background] Eastwood’s mig welders are great for an enthusiast restoring a car or bike or even doing a general fabrication in their home garage. Both welders have a smooth drive motor to feed the gun with infinitely adjustable wire speed and voltage, giving you the ability […]

Miller Welders and You. Together, WE BUILD.

The work you do has a lasting impact. An impact that benefits many, for many generations to come. That work is your legacy. And together, we create that legacy. Together, what we make stands the test of time. Together, WE BUILD. This is your time. Time to build something that changes the world. Something that […]

Plug Welding Holes in Sheet Metal with Magnetic Copper Backers – Mike Finnegan at Hot Rod – Eastwood

hey it’s Finnegan back in the hot rod garage and i’m getting ready to weld a whole lot of holes shut in the firewall my 1955 Chevy using the eastwood magnetic plug welding tool this thing is awesome think of it as another pair of hands that are going to hold that copper plate right […]

6074 Nitro Fuzer Accessory Shelf

Repairing plastics has never been easier than with Polyvance’s line of nitrogen plastic welders. However, organizing all of your welding rod and specialty tools while working can be a little frustrating. There just doesn’t seem to be enough room to keep all the supplies handy… Until now! The 6074 Nitro Fuzer Accessory Shelf opens up […]

ArcOne Welding Headgear For Maximum Comfort | Fasteners 101

I have here the replaceable inserts for (ArcOne) welding helmets. Basically to replace the unit, just unscrew these two nuts and just pop this off. They pop out on the inside and it just comes right apart. This welding helmet comes with the economy insert. So you only have you have a plastic top with […]

MIG Welding Boom Demonstration & Product Review

¿Tiene poco espacio en el piso? ¿Está tratando de reducir los riesgos de tropiezos? ¿Necesita maximizar el tiempo de soldadura en arco? Presentamos el brazo de la pluma de soldadura MIG. El movimiento de tracción y giro permite ajustes rápidos y fáciles del radio de trabajo de la pluma de 16 pies, mientras que los […]

ArcOne Carrera Welding Helmet & Accessories | Fasteners 101

Welcome back to Albany County Fasteners – Fasteners 101 Today we’re going to be talking about welding helmets, but before we do please Subscribe, Like and Share our videos. So let’s get started. I have the Carrera ArcOne helmet here. It has a nice sweat band on the helmet. Here is your adjustment in the […]

Portable Pipe Welding Positioner Product Demonstration & Review

12P-900 mounted height adjustable scissor lift cart. 12 inch portable benchtop positioner start and stop load test.