#1 Tig Welding Tip For Amazing Welds

What is up guys? so if you dont know me, I am Kyle Voss and I like to make stuff in my small 3 car garage I am a mid level fabricator, I dont claim to be the best fabricator of welder out there but I have a tip for ya…this is the number one […]

Welding Basics – Welding Tips and Tricks – MIG + WIG + Arc + Robotic Welding 101

Welding is a process that uses electric to bring a particular diameter electrode to its kindling point and join 2 metallic pieces of metal together. Each type of material from steel to stainless to aluminium all have different melting points but typically on a GMAW Mig-welding Arc you can reach temperatures of 10,000 degrees at […]

AskForney® – Stick Out

“Stick Out” is a term used in MIG welding. The farther you hold the gun away from the work piece, the farther the wire sticks out. The amount of stick out affects the arc. The more stick out, the greater the chance of contaminating the weld due to shielding gas mixing with air.

Best Welding Video Ever! – Welding Supply of America

Steve Steve Steve! What are you doing, son? Get back to work! Welding Supply of America We may not be able to help you with your love life but we can save you a lot of money on welding supplies!

🔥 The First Lesson of Welding – Learn to Run a Straight Bead (Everlast PowerTIG 200DV)

– Welcome to Weld.com, I’m Bob Moffatt with Cowley College. I gotta throw this out here for the young guys who are just getting started or the old guys who are just getting started. When we start out processes here, at the college, people think I’m kind of rough on them or whatever, but I […]