Common Problems When TIG Welding Aluminum

How to replace the rubber tracks on a morooka mst 3000 dumper!

My name is Tim Turner, I’m an employee here at Newman Tractor, today we’re going to work on one of these 3000 Morooka’s, they’re very tough, but unfortunately this one has a worn out track and a worn our idler… …we’re gonna go ahead and replace it. First things first We got to get the […]

Building Blue at SEMA 2019

“용접노하우” 손 빠른 용접사가 되보자!!!

nice to meet you. welder jin. In this video, we will see how to extract the quantity without any defects. Please subscribe and like. It will motivate you to take a new video. Use 2.0 pie welding rod on plate plate. The cabinet is wide but unstable using 2.0 pi wire. Normally, the wire is […]

Contractor Optimizes TIG and Stick Welding Performance

Самодельный держатель электродов. Крутая самоделка. Screw electrode holder.

Hello!!! Today I want to show the second version of my holder, which I think is even more reliable and more convenient than the previous version. Who watched the video on the creation of this holder knows what I’m talking about, a link how to make such a thing I will throw in description. I […]

Welding shop: how to tips for mig or smaw welding pipelines & spray heads!

What’s up guys today I’m going to show you how we construct the water system on our Peterbilt water truck! We just got this Peterbilt water truck and it has rear spray heads only. Our customer has requested that we have front spray heads, so we were going to be building this system all the […]

Miller XMT 350 FieldPro Overview

Don’t walk — weld! The days of cluttered cables and multiple trips to get the job done are over. Industry exclusive ArcReach® technology will revolutionize the way you set up and manage welding on your job sites, so you can get more work done and help keep your weld operators safe. ArcReach technology is designed […]

AC TIG, MIG and Stick Weld With One Powerful Machine

This is a Multimatic 220 AC/DC. This machine is capable of MIG, Stick, and AC/DC TIG. A lot of our customers use the Multimatic 215 and the Multimatic 200 for steel and stainless. This machine gives them the added benefit of AC TIG for aluminum. This all-in-one solution allows you to weld with 230 amps […]