TIG Welding a 4130 Chromoly Control Arm

How to MIG Weld a Grinder Stand

– Hi, I’m Joel Ort with Hobart Welding Products. Today we have a project for you that is more of a need than a project. What I mean by that is I’m going to be building a grinder stand. And the reason for that is I’ve always had my grinder sitting on my workbench, so […]

Box dotting tack – TIG AC/DC WELDING

In many cases, when we talk to customers who ask us about their applications we reach the conclusion that it is not necessary to weld a part and that with quality and precision dotting it is sufficient for the application. To facilitate execution, we will use our rapid dotting system Very simple, just 2 parameters, […]

“Los Visitantes” – Sketch

Yeah, dude, I´ve got it They say you can explore all the galaxies you want, every planet… … ant it has some kind of… of… “something” that creates all the alien lifeforms and planets randomly then you can see… damn… it´s crazy, dude -Greetings Human, we are the “underground people” -After thousand of years hiding […]

How to Reduce Scrap on Bright Dip Anodized Aluminum

MIG Weld Aluminum With the Hobart Handler 190

– Spark your imagination with the HANDLER 190 wire feed welder. Quick select drive roll makes set-up quicker by offering three grooves for two solid wires and one flux-cord. Seven position tapped voltage control selector and infinite wire feed speed allows for easy fine tuning. Uses 230 input power. 190 amps of power. Easy to […]

How to Make Really Cool Sculptures out of Metal

Hey guys, how many of you have ever seen a really cool piece of metal art welded together, like a motorcycle or a basketball player or a cross and wondered to yourself, “How in the world do they do that?” Well, if that’s the case, you’re gonna want to stick around. Because that’s exactly what […]

Dynasty 400 Gives Metal Shark Boats Highest Weld Quality

I think the driving force behind our best practices are: focus on the customer, and our focus on quality. We’ve always, always delivered on time, but we always keep an eye on what’s the best for the customer, and what’s the best for the quality. My name is Karl Prados and I’m the General Manager […]

Miller PAPR with T94-R Welding Helmets

Miller powered air purifying respirator with T94-R series respiratory welding helmets. Designed to protect against weld fume exposure and improve compliance in the most demanding environments. Lightweight superior balance design reduces fatigue and neck strain boosting productivity and comfort. Patent-pending dual tech manifold system optimizes air flow for high performance output, maximizing perceived cooling. Adjustable […]