How to achieve clean and smooth arc-striking?

How to achieve clean and smooth arc-striking? One of the main conflicts during welding is the arc-striking phase When we begin to weld, the material is cold to start with, so when the wire sticks to the sheet metal it tends to bounce off The new generation machines have systems that facilitate ignition preventing arc-striking […]

Linear Friction Welding – Sòphia High Tech

There isn’t any welding process which can ensure good results like this one. This Titanium joint was obtained by friction between two bars at 40 Hz. This Titanium joint was obtained by friction between two bars at 40 Hz. This is possible thanks to Linear Friction Welding fixture. The process is green and it doesn’t […]

Taylor Machine Works Builds Big Red Equipment With Miller

Auto-Line Technology Reduces Error and Maximizes Portability and Weld Quality

#EP-70 Home Made Welding Machine Pt 2

Not 8 Its 18Cm Height Of Core 18.5 CM Width Of Core

(C/S) 카본파이프용접 중력의법칙 !!!

Good morning. Welder jin. The theme for this video is Carbon 6 “backside beads. Subscribe and like before you watch. Please press.It will motivate you to create a new video. Simulation that must be performed before welding. What size tungsten rod should I use? What kind of ceramic? What size wire? I’m 5 ceramic.2.4 pie […]

Expert Plasma Cutting Tips

⚡ AWESOME SMOOTH ARC ⚡ Testwelding Hilco Basic E7018 💪🏼

Hi! I’m back again. Gert-Jan, testwelder at Hilco. Today I’m back to test weld our Hilco Basic 7018! It’s a basic-type electrode, suitable to weld fine grain steel-grades. All welding positions, except vertical down. For more information about our products, visit our website. And remember to give thumbs-up and follow us on YouTube, Instagram and […]

Morooka mst1500 dumper – how to weld a personnel carrier

I’m Wyatt I’m Tim today we’re taking one of our 1500 Morooka we’re gonna put a personnel carrier on it be welding cutting grinding it’s gonna be a mess today we’re constantly modifying these Morooka’s today we have a 1500 Morooka in here now we’re going to take from a dump bed into an 18-man […]

Common Problems When TIG Welding Aluminum