A Versatile Welder/Generator in the Champion 145

– Spark your imagination with the Champion 145 Welder/Generator. Portable at 220 pounds with running gear and roll bar frame built for added protection. Briggs & Stratton Intek engine with 6.25 gallon fuel tank for longer run times. 4,500 watt surge power and 4,000 watts continuous power to run additional tools. Can handle DC stick […]

Tony Beets and Crew Share Secrets to Gold Mining Success

To be successful in mining you gotta have a little bit of luck. You get good years, you get bad years; just be stubborn, I think. Never give up, you know, and don’t overspend. The beets operation by itself, we have a good family operation. We’re very lucky to be involved with people and have […]

Start Welding Quickly With the Champion ELITE

– Spark your imagination with the Champion Elite welder generator. Easy to setup and start welding, no tools oil change, and digital hour meter. Just over three feet long and weighs less than competitive units. 11,000 watt surge power and 9,500 watt continuous power to run additional tools. 225 amp welder creates smooth arc starts […]

Save Space on Work Trucks With Diesel All-In-One Solutions

– Introducing the newest Air Pak from Miller Electric, the Bobcat 200 Air Pak Diesel. Considering 60% of the work truck market is made up of diesel driven trucks, it only makes sense to build upon the already successful Bobcat 200 Air Pak and offer a diesel version. Work truck operators are looking to save […]

Miller Welders and You. Together, WE BUILD.

The work you do has a lasting impact. An impact that benefits many, for many generations to come. That work is your legacy. And together, we create that legacy. Together, what we make stands the test of time. Together, WE BUILD. This is your time. Time to build something that changes the world. Something that […]

“Gold Rush” Star Shares Welding Tips

So a big thing with welding in the field or, or in the shop is perhaps pretty important. It’s pretty crucial and usually up there in the Yukon you don’t really get clean iron too often. A guy tries to take the time to prep everything you know, buff the paint, clean the slag off […]

M&M Welding Saves Time and Money With ArcReach Technology

I’m Mark Upshaw, and about five years ago my wife and I started M&M Welding. We do work all over the state of California. We do a lot of different types of welding here. Primarily we’re mobile welding. Our customers need high-quality welds — critical welds — but they also need the job done quick […]

Fusion 160 Welder/Generator Is Portable and Versatile

Research indicates that the industry is wasting time waiting for a means to move their portable welder/generator solutions, wasting time reworking unsatisfactory welds, and managing multiple pieces of equipment to weld safely indoors and outdoors. This industry trend does not have to relate to you. Introducing the new Fusion 160 from Miller. It’s our newest […]

Bobcat 200 Air Pak: Go All in With an All-In-One

As a technician, I figured out pretty quickly there are only so many hours in a day, and with so much to do, I need to stay productive, especially if I want to get home to my family at the end of the day. I also learned the hard way that overloading my truck or […]

Take Idle off Your Truck With the EnPak A30 Power System

As a fleet manager you want to maximize truck uptime and revenue. But excessive tier four diesel truck idling can increase downtime bringing productivity to a halt and eroding your bottom line. DPF regeneration and replacement costs can add up fast. At a minimum $2,000 per truck not to mention losing nearly fifteen hundred bucks […]