Citroen with naked woman’s body welded on sides is put on sale for $1 – 247 news

A custom gold 1967 Citroen was put up for sale on Craigslist’s Sacramento page for just a single dollar  But it’s not the price of the car that has raised eyebrows – it’s the naked woman sculpted along the length of the entire automobile While beautiful women have been used to entice car enthusiasts for […]

Steel tube suspension TEST (no suspension at all)

Hey folks, great you’re watching again! Welcome at useless experiments part 6! See our test car Do you see how high it is? That’s because we exchanged the springs with steel tubes on your request Hey! Let’s see how it drives Comfortable.. This is undoable I think our car is a bit over positioned it’s […]

Can Scrap Hardware Make an Effective Zombie Weapon?

(groaning) (tense music) (pained groan) Brains. (screaming) Sir, you dropped your wallet. (upbeat piano tune) Brains. As adult humans, we often have to think about the future, like our diet and retirement. But have you stopped to think about the possible impending zombie apocalypse? Cause we have. (laughing) So we are gonna make some weapons […]

Lecture – 24 Design of Welded Joints – II

dear students let us begin lectures on machine design part i this is lecture number 24 and the topic is design of welded joints and this is the concluding part of the lecture on the same topic let us recapitulate little bit what we had learnt in the last class we talked about different kinds […]

How To Make Hairpin Legs From Rebar | Welding 101

hey everyone Chad from ManCrafting and I just left Tom’s house and this is Tom Mills from GreenShortz DIY here on YouTube I do a channel that focuses on DIY content within an eye towards sustainability so rocket stove for example is green because you use found fuel sticks and twigs versus charcoal or larger […]

Bug-O Systems: Automated Welding and Cutting with the Modular Drive System

The Modular Drive System is the only product in the industry that allows you to configure one machine for various mechanized applications, watch this did you several common application videos. the modular drive system with the linear weaver is commonly set up to weld beveled butt joints or overlay surfaces and could be used in […]

Pipe Manufacturing Process for Welded Pipe (SAW & ERW)

Welcome to Hardhat Engineer. I am varun patel. In this video you will learn about Welded Pipe Manufacturing Process such as SAW, ERW, EFW & HFW. Please subscribe to my channel to get regular updates on new video and also like and share my video with friends. If you have any question or want to […]

Lec 40 – Cracking of Welded Joints II: Cold Cracks

hello i welcome you all in this presentation this presentation is the second part of the last earlier presentation about the cracks in the welded joints in the last presentation i have talked about the two types of the cracks and their remedial methods these were the solidification cracks and the liquefaction crack solidification crack […]

How to make your generator quiet,powermate generator

well I’ve got another project on starting this is my generator and I’ve run it a few times and boy is it loud and I’ll tell you when you’re the only one in your neighborhood that’s got lights and power and heat and can cook food it’s sort of attracts people you don’t really care […]