Tech Tips: Repairing a Crack in Cast Iron

Hi, I’m Joe Kolasa. I’m the welding instructor at the Lincoln Electric welding school. We are here in Cleveland Ohio at the Lincoln Electric corporate headquarters, and I’m here to help you with some welding tips on cast iron. Most of the problems that we have with cast iron is due to its high carbon […]

Discover the Best Value Welder From Hobart: Handler 140

– Spark your imagination, with the Handler 140 Wire Feed Welder. Quick select drive roll makes set up quicker by offering three grooves for two solid wires and one flux cored. Five position tapped voltage control selector allows for easy fine tuning. Uses 115 volt input power. 140 amps of power. Spark your imagination.

A Versatile Welder/Generator in the Champion 145

– Spark your imagination with the Champion 145 Welder/Generator. Portable at 220 pounds with running gear and roll bar frame built for added protection. Briggs & Stratton Intek engine with 6.25 gallon fuel tank for longer run times. 4,500 watt surge power and 4,000 watts continuous power to run additional tools. Can handle DC stick […]

How to MIG Weld : How to Do MIG Tack Welding

Hi I’m Mike Rogers and we are making this video for on the uses of a mig welder. The next step that we are going to show you is a very useful technique creating tack welds. Why do we need tack welds? Well when you are setting up to create something were joining tip […]

Fatigue fracture of weld joints- I

This is the 5th lecture on the design of the weld joints, and this lecture will be based on the Fatigue Fracture of the Weld Joints. In the previous lecture on the design of the weld joints for static and dynamic loads, we have seen the step by step methods, which are commonly used for […]

Welding Process Change Makes Manufacturer More Competitive

My name is Tony Driskill, I’m the General Manager for Sigma Manufacturing in Marietta, Georgia. We engineer and manufacture process heating systems. All sorts of end users, oil and gas, power companies, food processing, bio mass, anywhere you can use heat. We have a product that will probably help that process. We got into business […]

The 3 ways I Fabricate 90 degree Corner joints for Welding Square Tubing

today I’m going to show you the three welding joints that I use for joining square tubing at a 90 degree angle and number one obviously is just a straight butt joint nothing too smart in that just join it straight up now you do get stuck with an open end whether it’s running up […]

Welding a SAILBOAT for the DESERT? – in California

When I was growing up, I really wanted a sailboat. But my parents were rock climbers and we spent a lot of family vacations out in the desert. So a couple of years ago, I decided to mix these two things from my childhood, and I built a land yacht. This is a sailboat with […]

Fabrication and Welding at Crawley College

Hi my name is Jordan Toogood and I’m doing a Level 2 Welding and Fabrication course I’ve always had a passion for metalwork and wanted to follow a career choice that would lead me in that direction A typical day is basically coming in and getting your boots and nobles on and all your gear […]

Lec 35 – Metallurgical transformations in weld and heat affected zone of steels

hello i welcome you all in this presentation this presentation is based on the topic metallurgical transformations in the weld and heat affected zone of the steels so now we will try to see that what are the typical features related to the weld thermal cycles determining the – the structural transformation in the weld […]