Contractor Optimizes TIG and Stick Welding Performance

Digital Microscope Precision Weld Inspection

Hi, my name is Chris Killelea, I am an engineer at EB Industries. I am here to talk to you a little about our Keyence Digital Microscope, which allows us to inspect welds with amazing precision and clarity. This is a customer’s part that we’re analyzing right now it’s a laser weld between copper and […]

Radiographic Test ( RT ) video

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Boilermakers Change Welding Polarity With Push of a Button

Primarily on a boiler maintenance outage, we go in and we repair the boiler tubing. The biggest portion where the manpower’s concentrated at is inside the boiler. We’ll run like a hundred machines in different elevations and you may have bank of 20 or 30 machines, with leads coming from everywhere and a guy could […]