FLAMES Season 2 | Teaser | All episodes streaming on TVFPlay and MX Player

Rajat. Rajat. Rajat. Come inside. Rajat. What’s wrong? Ishita. We… No more. No more. Why? You know why, Ishita. Right now when I go home after tuition classes, I… Okay. So its proved today that I was right and you were wrong. Monsoons are not romantic. I hate you, Ishita.

What About Me? | Girls Girls Girls Ep. 2

Eh, this Instagram filter is damn funny. Did you see? No la, my phone’s too old. Cannot update. Haven’t recontract? No ah. I let my mum recontract. Hers was falling apart. She’s here. She’s here. Alright ladies, settle down. Right. Tomorrow, there will be a talk from the RMET University who will be sharing their […]

Season 3, Episode 48 – Heavy Metal | Red vs. Blue

[Intro Music] Sarge: Okay, listen up, dirt bags. If we’re gonna invade this fortress, we need a good game plan. I’ve got two options we could use: Number one, we all run straight at the base in a single file line, screaming at the top of our lungs. The enemy will be so flabbergasted, by […]

That’s How You Learn – Episode 5: Power and Electricity Testing

Hello friends! Guess where I am today. I’m at the UL lab in Melville, New York, which is just outside of New York City, and today we’re going to learn some really cool things about how electronics, electricity, and power is tested here at the Melville lab. So come on, let’s go check it out. […]

Season 10, Episode 2 – Heavy Metal | Red vs. Blue

– Sir, enemy fighters approaching. – Fire at will counselor, lets send them back to the scrap yard. – It appears we are now taking fire. – Release the drop ships, get the team in position. – Well that went to hell quicker than we thought, out of the frying pan, into the shit. – […]

The History Of Harnessing Electricity From Witches [with Demetri Martin]

(dramatic music) – Seven AM, in the morning, Junior technician Robert Benchler Sr arrives for work at the largest power plant on the Eastern seaboard. He sits at his desk. It’s a usual morning for Benchler. But something very unusual is about to happen. Disaster. He quickly discovers the plant is minutes away from a […]

Meera Knows How To Control The Electricity Bill | S01E42 | Karan Veer Mehra | Barkha Sengupta

Yes You have put me on hold since so long now! Yes. No, the last 4 digits 6581 Today is Sunday! Ok please check. What happened? Baby you the bill amount this time? No, the bill. Listen Sir… This time our bill is double of what it is usually So I want to check how […]

How To Build a Pickup Truck Bed + SEMA on Hands-On Cars 10 – Eastwood

on this episode of hands on cars Matt puts new bed sides on project pile house before we go to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas to see the awesome 2,000 horsepower maximus charger and the eastwood hands-on award winner hey guys i’m kevin gates and you’re watching hands on cars this is project said […]

Teen Girl Rebuilds Car from Scratch

[Saw sounds] BOB EREKSON: She breaks the mold of what we think of as what girls are interested in versus what guys are interested in. She’s an individual. KATHRYN DiMARIA: Welding, grinding, cutting, sanding. I’d much rather wear grease than makeup. BOB EREKSON: Her mind works like an engineer. She wants to know why. JERRY […]