Melting Styrofoam into Knives

This episode of the Modern Rogue is brought to you by Next Games, creator of AMC’s official game The Walking Dead No Man’s Land. Yeah man, you love tactical combat strategy games? You love falling in love with characters and hoping that they don’t die? You just try to do your best to do the […]

Bound by Flame: Combat Trailer

Bound by Flame: Music Trailer

I’m Olivier Deriviere, the music composer on Bound by Flame. Working on Bound by flame was really inspiring, as the game presents a disembodied dark world full of big monsters and the undead, and where the few survivors left alive are struggling to survive. I really wanted to capture this sense of loneliness and despair […]

Fire Sword Colored Flame How to Make DIY Ax Spinning Cosplay Flail Weapons Warrior Assassin Do I

In this video I will go over how I made a flaming sword or fire sword with different color flames. This is very cinematic but also very dangerous and should be only done by a professional adult. Do not try this at home. We will also cover a fire battle ax and a flaming flail. […]

Bound by Flame: Journey Through Vertiel

Bound by Flame is an RPG that takes you to the world of Vertiel, a land threatened by a lethal undead army, led by the 7 Ice Lords. You are a mercenary the last line of defense against this unyielding evil ravaging your world. It might help that you are being possessed by a flame […]

Bound by Flame: Epic Story Trailer

Presentación del canal armas blancas España, vídeos y tutoriales del manejo de armas.

hi i am jose from edged weapons spain and today i come to present the new chanel. here you can find ttutorials and exibitions abaut edged weapons there is a resume well it is all if you want more suscribe and see you

Lead – Metal That BULLETS Are Made From

Hello everyone! Today, I’ll tell you about the metal lead. Lead is pretty much at the bottom of group IV of the periodic table of chemical elements Of all the non-radioactive elements, this metal has almost the biggest atomic mass. Outwardly, lead is a soft, silvery metal, which is very easy to scratch, since it […]