HOW TO SOLDER COPPER PIPE – END FEED – REALISTIC Plumbing Tips honest reviews and advice Hold Tight and welcome to todays video, I’ve dug deep today because i’ve got Man flu I don’t know if you can hear, my nose is all bunged up so i thought istead of doing an insane video I was going to do a simple video on to solder […]

Rust : Prevention & Treatment | Environmental Chemistry | Chemistry | FuseSchool

The Electrical Transformer – Vir: The Robot Boy WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Water scarcity in Fursatganj is increasing day by day , minute by minute. The most worry some matter is that the lake water too is getting drained off. Where is the water disappearing? What is happening ? We must find it out , watch tonight our special program on this topic. But Grandpa, suddenly water […]

The Reality of Metal Gear Solid 2

It’s been ten years since the release of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty in 2001. The series has since expanded with multiple sequels spin-offs and a future of various possibilities. Hell at this rate, they might as well call Kojima Productions… …Metal Gear Productions instead. But even with the 25th anniversary of the […]

NAIT students help eliminate electricity from fossil fuels in Cape Verde

We were tasked with completing a project with a company based out of Cape Verde in Africa This company wanted to take the island nation from a heavy dependence on fossil fuels and convert as much of the electrical grid as possible to more renewable energy They’re currently suffering from extremely high electricity prices which […]

Researchers come up with way to produce electricity from flowing water

When you think of green energy, solar or wind power springs to mind –but generating electricity from rain drops that fall against a window or roof? That’s one method local researchers have come up with, and they say that’s just the beginning of the technology’s potential. Sohn Jung-in explains. A piece of glass substrate is […]

Energy & Electricity in Science : How Does an Electric Water Heater Work?

Hi. My name is Steve Jones, and I’m going to explain how a water heater works. Now, in this system, I have a cylinder. Usually in your house, you’ll find a cylinder. And the cylinder contains a large amount of water, maybe up to 200 liters, depending where you live. This water has to be […]

I Went Metal Detecting Underwater and You Won’t Believe What I Found… (Scuba Diving Challenge)

(dramatic orchestral music) (kn/ocking) – [Thomas] Yeah? – [Thomas] Just a minute. – [Thomas] Yeah, just a minute. (comical music) Come on then, let’s go. – What? – What’s wrong? – Gimme a minute, eh? (comical music) – Come on then, let’s go. – Okay, so it’s the first thing in the morning. The sun […]

How to Make Simple Water Heater ! Without Electricity

How to Make Simple Water Heater ! Without Electricity

Using Natural Gas to Generate Electricity

In a thermal power station, like the Queen Elizabeth Power Station in Saskatoon, natural gas is burned in a turbine, which drives a generator to make electricity. The exhaust gas is used in a boiler to convert water to steam. The high-pressure steam is directed into a turbine, which turns a shaft. This shaft is […]