Hot water Schumer Turmeric Mix it well garlic Lemon juice Mix it well Cover the mixture for 10 minutes Separate the impurities from the mixture Drink it morning and evening for a month and you will get the result

Ice Melt From Land To Sea Causes About Two-Thirds Of Global Sea Level Rise

Big ice sheets from Greenland and Antarctica are beginning to melt from land into the ocean. Each year over 1,700 trillion pounds of this ice melts causing the sea levels to rise. Think of it like this: we have a glass of water with ice in it as the ice melts, the water level doesn’t […]

Beauty Edu: It’s melting! Strange Hair Gel Trick

Thought I’d do a really quick experiment today. As I mentioned in my Polyacrylate video, hair gels are hydrogels, which are network of long polymer chains that can attract and store large volumes of water. This is caused by water molecules that are attracted to the polymer and stick to it, forming a gel. A […]

Melted Monochrome Nail Art

Hi guys! It’s Sandi and in today’s video I’ll be sharing a really awesome melted monochrome design that looks really eye-catching and intricate, but is simple to do! To begin, as always, start off with your favorite base coat. This will help to protect your natural nails from staining and it will also adhere your […]

Why Does Salt Melt Ice? | SCI CODE

[Coma Niddy] Snow can be fun, but it can also be dangerous if you can slip and fall on ice. But by using Salt we melt Ice with the magic of science. [Narrated] You’re watching SCI CODE! [Coma Niddy] Ice and Water are the same thing, H2O. But one is a liquid and the other […]

Does ice melt faster in fresh or salt water? (Ice Science Experiment for kids)

welcome back to Kids fun science My name Is Ken Today’s Experiment is Does Ice Cube’s melt Faster in freshwater or Saltwater as Always Adult Supervision is required What you need for this experiment is colored Ice cubes Salt and Transparent Cups Now Ask Yourself the question do they melt Faster in fresh or saltwater […]

Fire and Flame 39 – Magnesium Burning in Water

Well could we use water instead? Right. Now we’re going to try this. We’ve got a beaker of boiling water here and I’m going to light some petrol and put this into the beaker. Well before it even gets into the bottom of the flask, I haven’t even put it into the water yet, the […]

overhead water tank piping / पाइप को टेंक में कैसे और कहाँ लगाये ( Hindi / English )

Hello friends i am video girl riya pandey, welcome to APPTEC 18 video channel welcome to APPTEC 18 video channel Today, we will talk about filling the water in the WATER TANK the water pipes have to stand and hold until the tank is full. the water pipes have to stand and hold until the […]

Sierra Nevada Snow Pack & Snow Melt

♫MUSIC♫ ANN THOMPSON: With its rugged, snowcapped mountains, clear freshwater lakes, and massive sequoia trees, the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California is one of the most visually stunning landscapes in the United States. In addition to its beauty, snow pack and snow melt from this 400-mile stretch of mountains serves a purpose: providing drinking […]

Why is My Water Heater Blowing Fuses?

Why is my water heater blowing fuses? That’s more common with an electric furnace or air conditioner. That does not help me with my water heater that isn’t heating water. My first question is whether or not you’ve plugged it in correctly. A hot water heater usually needs to be plugged into a properly wired […]