Bound by Flame: Combat Trailer

Bound by Flame: Music Trailer

I’m Olivier Deriviere, the music composer on Bound by Flame. Working on Bound by flame was really inspiring, as the game presents a disembodied dark world full of big monsters and the undead, and where the few survivors left alive are struggling to survive. I really wanted to capture this sense of loneliness and despair […]

Bound by Flame: Journey Through Vertiel

Bound by Flame is an RPG that takes you to the world of Vertiel, a land threatened by a lethal undead army, led by the 7 Ice Lords. You are a mercenary the last line of defense against this unyielding evil ravaging your world. It might help that you are being possessed by a flame […]

Bound by Flame: Epic Story Trailer

WW2 Metal detecting – German glass mines everywhere!

Battlelogia #02 › BF4: AEK-971: “A queridinha”

Hey guys, I’m Oz and this time i’m going to talk about AEK-971 as most of you requested. It was made by the soviets and appeared for the first time on the first Battlefield Bad Company franchise. But its origin is dated back to the 80s. In 1980, the Soviet Ministry of Defense secretly started […]

“Heavy Metal” Musiker: Ich war voller Hass | “Mensch, Gott!”

>>MARCUS WALTER: Herzlich willkommen bei „Mensch, Gott!“. Soll ich ihn erschlagen oder doch besser mit dem Auto überfahren? Mein heutiger Studiogast hatte solche Gedanken. Aber nicht nur das, auch sein Verhalten war lange geprägt von Hass und Aggression. Herzlich Willkommen, Alexander Denk.>>ALEXANDER DENK: Danke.>>MARCUS WALTER: Wie kommt man auf solche Gedanken: soll ich ihn erschlagen?>>ALEXANDER […]

First Kisses and Last Words (Ep. 13) | Fantasy High

– Everything else has frozen in time, Aelwen has just pocketed the palimpsest with Ostentatia Wallace inside it. – There is a matter of great consequence happening upon the roof of this building. – You clamber to the roof to see your fallen– – I go into a rage. – Ada, you fully just lose […]

Tankiste US 1945 – Review d’uniforme

Hello everyone and welcome to this new video of uniform presentation. Today, I will introduce the uniform of American tanker, carried by armored troops at the end of the war, so the spring of 1945. Before starting this presentation, I must make two or three remarks. First of all, I’ll present what I wear to […]

Fallschirmjäger FJR2 Jitomir – Présentation d’uniforme

Hello everyone and welcome to this new uniform video review. Today, I will present you a German paratrooper outfit in version of battle Jitomir. First of all, I have to clarify certain points, as usual. This video is only a base that will serve you to build your uniform. This is by no means a […]