DIY Toyota Supra Pt 3 – Welding

Hi, welcome to nice that you have switched to the second episode Today it comes to welding work on the front right body i wanted to show you very briefly with what i am welding the welder is loan from a good friend because I have not yet purchased a welder but I will […]

Ässä vihdoin katsastettu! Mutta mikä ihme oli vikana?? – Audi S2 ep23

Hello, last time we were left to situation where Audi stalled during test drive It didn’t start right away. I waited few minutes at cold. Apparently it cooled a bit and I got it runnig again I was able to drive it back in and that was the end of last video. Tested next day […]

Killing Stage 2 Exhaust Drone with a Vibrant Resonator

Hello and thanks for visiting my channel. Today I’m going to share with you the difference between an APR down pipe with an otherwise factory Volkswagen exhaust versus the APR down pipe with a vibrant resonator along with the rest of the factory exhaust. This is on a Stage 2 GTI. So when I got […]

How To Fit SCAT Pushrod Tubes J27882 & Stainless Steel Rocker Covers J14337 to your air-cooled VW

So today we’re going to be looking at a common problem with VW air-cooled engines and that’s the dreaded oil leak I’m using a drip tray at the moment to capture my drips of oil as you can see it’s pretty bad scene so a common problem is the pushrod tubes leaking so I’m going […]

Uusi muovikolvi ja ruosteet – Audi S2 ep19

Hi, everything should be ready for this evening which we spend on the garage repairing S I send email to Az-Reptec where I bought those bumper repair rods If they could send me their welding iron So I could do better repairs to that bumper and install that support mesh easier well they did send […]

Day #23 – 71 VW Beetle – DIY $50 Paint Job w/t a Roller! classic restoration giveaway

alright guys so I didn’t feel much but we busted it we get the whole thing kind of primered out get the bond of stuff patched we’re ready to paint the top half in the bottom half I think on the actual body of the car so tonight bondo front fenders get ready to sand […]

Vanha etupuskuri.. UUSI kamera – Audi S2 ep17

Think the camera is on… Hello, I’m Asko and this is sweatpants garage I’m so exited. I have new camera Don’t know how to use it and the mic is still on the way So we have to use this mic But we hit the 5000 subscriber mark big thanks to You all! apparently subscriber […]

Der YOUTUBE-Tisch | F.09 Von der Schrottkarre zum Camper

my VW logo in front got stolen and this is the new one and I will mount it in a way that it won´t be stolen again in here is something really really cool for the bus I will put the link to it in the description these are LED bands in total I have […]