Uusi muovikolvi ja ruosteet – Audi S2 ep19

Hi, everything should be ready for this evening which we spend on the garage repairing S I send email to Az-Reptec where I bought those bumper repair rods If they could send me their welding iron So I could do better repairs to that bumper and install that support mesh easier well they did send […]

Vanha etupuskuri.. UUSI kamera – Audi S2 ep17

Think the camera is on… Hello, I’m Asko and this is sweatpants garage I’m so exited. I have new camera Don’t know how to use it and the mic is still on the way So we have to use this mic But we hit the 5000 subscriber mark big thanks to You all! apparently subscriber […]

Diversity In Manufacturing: Penn College’s All-Female Welding Team

(Begin upbeat music) Joelle Perelli: When I was younger, I really had a creative side. I’d like to take things and if I could see another use for them I would take them apart and make things so that they would work in a different fashion. Natalie Rhoades: I always like tearing stuff apart, putting […]