What is CURRENT– electric current explained, electricity basics

Hey there, guys, Paul here from TheEngineeringMindset.com. In this video, we’re going to be discussing electrical current. We’ll be looking at what is current, the different types of current, how to check the ratings of your electrical devices. As well as how we use safety features to save you from being electrocuted. Current is the […]

Inverter half automatic welding machine “i-MIGO SIG-140” – Star Electric production Co., Ltd.

It is a product called “i-MIGO SIG-140”. This is a semiautomatic welder. I explain the characteristic of this product. Because it is digitally displayed, numerical adjustment is possible. By numerical setting, it can do the welding of a thin board without making a hole. Therefore I can smoothen the welding such as the aluminum, too. […]

Ins and Outs of Automotive Fuses | Hagerty DIY

– Hi, I’m Matt Lewis with Hagerty, and in today’s DIY, we’re gonna be talking about automotive fuses: where they are, how to test them, and what to expect. In every car, you’re gonna find fuses, and these fuses are designed to protect the electrical circuit that they’re connected to. The way in which they […]

Three Phase Electricity Basics and Calculations electrical engineering

Hey there, guys. Paul here from TheEngineeringMindset.com. In this video, we’re going to be learning more about three phase electricity. We’ll cover how three phases are generated, how we get two voltages from a three phase system, what do cycle and hertz mean, where the sine wave comes from, and how to calculate the voltages. […]

Everything Everybody Should Know About Electricity (In 3 Minutes)

In our modern world, the easiest and most efficient way of distributing large amounts of energy is through electricity. Electricity is made up of positive and negative, static and moving charges, like protons and electrons. These repel similar charges and attract their opposites. Pushing like charges together or pulling opposite charges apart takes work, which […]

How Do Eels Make Electricity?

Electric eels have fascinated scientists and the public for hundreds of years. Even Charles Darwin was puzzled by them. What is the shocking secret behind an electric eel’s weapon? Hey guys Julia here for DNews Electric eels are some of the most shocking…. okay sorry had to do that once… organisms on this planet. They […]

Basics of Electricity and Electronics #1 | Voltage, Current and Power | Electricity 101

Hello friends. Welcome to the new video by Practical Ninjas. In this video, we will be learning about the basic concepts of electricity. The video will discuss the charge, voltage, current, power and energy. Let us start from the basics that we have studied in schools. We know that any atom is made up of […]

Energy Experiment: Electricity Flow through the body

Hello! Today I will be conducting energy experiments to do with the electricity of the human body. Electricity in our bodies literally holds us together. Hopefully I will show you the power of the electricity flowing through our bodies. For this experiment you will need: – One short length of galvanized steel metal; – One […]

? Basic Electricity – What is voltage?

In my first video about basic electricity, you learned that current is basically the flow of electrons in a wire. And the term Amps or amperes refers to how many electrons are flowing past a certain point per second. In this video I’m going to first tell you what voltage does, then I’m going to […]

How Three Phase Electricity works – The basics explained

hey there guys Paul here from the engineering mindset .com in this video we’re going to be looking at Three phase electricity and this follows on from our series on Electrical Engineering so if you haven’t watched the previous videos on this so far then please do this first links are in the video description […]