Melt ( Mikoto Meika cover ) MMD

When I woke up this morning, the first thing I thought of was you I made up my mind, and cut my bangs short, just so you’d ask me “Why?” Pink skirt, flower pin in my hair I’m going out I’m looking cute today! Melt! I feel like I’m gonna melt away I can’t tell […]


It’s Raining Melted Gummy Worm

Wow, dude. Did you just eat that for real? You know what? What’s up guys welcome back. I’m here with another giant of a man, Mr. Logan Paul! Logan [oh] that is me. What is up? Yo this guy’s crazy, bro! So, today we got the world’s largest gummy worm We’re bringing back liquid nitrogen, […]

Exclusive First Look: Welcome To The 212 | Fuse

(music playing) Your whole life you’ve been told you need to get a 9 to 5, you gotta go to college. Bullshit! Excuse my language. You know what I’m saying? Me and my friends, we define what it is to be successful. Huh, didn’t see you there! (laughs) A lot of us didn’t make it […]


A hundred kilometres stop-and-go traffic later, I’ve arrived in Dessau! Oh and I almost forgot to mention, that somebody drove into the back of my car during the stop-and-go traffic. It couldn’t have been any better so so far. Anyways, I am currently waiting for Hannah, who should arrive here in a few minutes and […]


whoa oh yeah sure is what is going on Oh welcome to the vlog welcome to another awesome day Otter say hi to the Sharers, say hi hey shares this is baby otter he’s gonna help us out in the vlog today that’s right shares we’ve made a lot of box forts in the past […]

How to Finish Making Multiple Certificates FAST with Mail Merge

Have you ever been tired of making a certificate? Just like making a “certificate” on a student, then another page for another student, then “copy-paste” the entire layout and change the names, or any variables. Then suddenly there were changes and you’ll have to change everything from top to bottom. I’m so tireeeeeed.. Oh no. […]

We Took it too Far! (Ice Melting Challenge!)

THANKS FOR WATCHING ! We really did not think this through You know how in In ultimate expedition ice and snow was crucial for survival because you melt your water from eyes we’re learning something about ice today with Joey JC and paw let’s go right into it I was a great intro right beautiful […]