¡ELLA NO ESPERABA ESTA LLAMADA! buscando tesoros en el río – Detección Metálica 228

Look! Look there!! Well, another video of Detección Metálica! Today we are here again on the river. I’m talking to you from under this shadow because there is a Saharan heat wave here in my country and you can’t imagine the heat it is today. It only occurs to me, with this heat, to come […]

Tesoro ÉPICO en el RÍO MARRÓN encontrado con detector de metales ¡ORO! – Detección Metálica 226

Well, before I start today’s video, I want to give you incredible news. I already warn you. You see, I have been fortunate that the Libra Editorial has been inspired by me, and in the work I do here on YouTube, to create the main character of a new adventure book. In the book I […]

Making a Writing Desk Part 2- Woodworking How To

Kraj bez prądu – Wenezuela

On the 7th of March at 16:55 electricity was cut off in the whole country It was the biggest blackout in history and in some places it lasted for a week In this episode you’ll see how a country with no access to electricity functions /10th of April/ It’s the 7th of March 2019 and […]

А Куда это Мы идем? | Гуляем по Пусану | Южная Корея [Eng.Sub]

Hi hi hi Everyone! I wanna say thank you for you interest to my channel! I was get up today an a morning prearty shabby But I have had see that you start to be interested about my Channel aspecialy to video “Study in Korea”. I realy happy that you find it ussfull I was […]

흔한 용접사의 구독자 1000명기념 잡담

Hello, this is my Hojumoney I’m going to do another V-log video today. I’m leaving now. I’m on my way. It’s a beautiful day. I’ve been wearing short-sleeved What I’m going to do today is, you know, a rabbit. I’m studying now. I’m studying in the library. I’m on my way to get some rice. […]

METAL DETECTOR Indonesia | Pencarian Lokasi Emas di Gunung Halimun Jawa Barat

Gold location search at CIKANIKI Mount HALIMUN Preparation for departure to Mount HALIMUN

Ellis’ Precious Metal Club Vlog! – IT’S FINALLY HERE!

ellis’ precious metal club t-shirts now available in the merch store! be sure to follow the main channel as well as jake’s cath’s ellis’ and alex’s channels on twitch for regular live streams! links in description! This is Ellis’s Precious Metal Club Vlog! This is not going to be a typical vlog because we thought […]

Weld A Mount for Big Game Trophy

(welding noises) (music) hey guys so some of you might have seen the video from earlier this fall where I got to shoot this bull and… with my bow, and I finally got it all european mounted and the skull cleaned up and I just need to build a mount, so that I can mount […]

7 NEW Life Saving WEDDING HACKS You MUST Try … | #Beauty #Fashion #Fun #Anaysa

my eyelashes fall out while dancing and lipstick fades cause of eating have it contains all those essential stuff that needs to be with every girl in wedding like face powder, lipsticks, lash glue, Q tip etc… decide your picture poses before wedding otherwise look like this in your wedding album True!! it would be […]