7 NEW Life Saving WEDDING HACKS You MUST Try … | #Beauty #Fashion #Fun #Anaysa

my eyelashes fall out while dancing and lipstick fades cause of eating have it contains all those essential stuff that needs to be with every girl in wedding like face powder, lipsticks, lash glue, Q tip etc… decide your picture poses before wedding otherwise look like this in your wedding album True!! it would be […]

How to replace an electric water heater. The Home Mender

Hi this is Dustin Luby with Home Mender inc and you can find us on the web at homemenderinc.com. Today, we are going to change out an electric water heater Pretty basic .Pretty simple so we’ll get it knocked out. First thing we’re going to do is turn off the breaker at the panel usually […]

2018 Special Delivery

Hey everyone, I’m Ian. And I’m Corbin And we’re from KarateMart.com– KarateMart.com This whole video is about–we’re doing a recap of last year and talk a little about what we got coming up for 2018. That’s right. This is a KarateMart special delivery! We actually had a really good year this last year, 2017. There […]

You Need This Tool – Episode 57 | TIG Welding Vise

it’s Friday fool and you need this tool welcome back to another glorious episode of it’s Friday fool you need this tool my name is Kyle Voss and every friday i bring you a tool a tool that i use here in this shop or that i have featured on this channel this week’s tool […]

E&K Tuesdays: Welding stuff, new camera, comment advice!

on the first day of vlogmas I recorded a bad vlog no I don’t know if we’re actually gonna do multiple vlogs but I got a new camera and I want to try using it here let me let me show you this tiny camera it’s really really small I did a lot of research […]

Handmade Metal Bender – Metal Bending Tool

Handmade Metal Bender This is my loop bender that I use for bending loops for spurs loops for spurs for the hangers it can be called a staple or a brad I call it a loop 3/6″ diameter material that is cut 3″ in length I have this metal bender that I handmade you can […]

Dad Wakes Up In Swimming Pool! (WHO DID IT?)

– Have you guys seen daddy? – [Both] No. – Where is daddy? – Let’s go find daddy. (upbeat opening) ♪ Let’s live it. Live it forever. ♪ – [All] Good morning. – Good morning guys and welcome back to our channel. Makes sure you guys are subscribed to it to join the family. We […]

Welding A Custom Fuel Filler And Battery Tray | Turbo Mustang

I think today is going to be a hang out with me day you okay with that nothing in particular going to be working on except for the goose going to try to get some stuff down this thing going to try to finish the filler next to the fuel tank may work on some […]

Vlog #5 – ABS & HDPE UV Resistance (Safety Helmet/Hard hat)

Hello Matthew Judson Technical Director at JSP Ltd One of those common questions we get asked about helmets is How resistant are ABS and HDPE to UV um thats one of the things that comes up commonly all of the matierials thatJSP are using and indeed other manufacturers are using out there is UV stabalised […]

OMG!! Testing VIRAL Beauty Hacks … | Shruti Arjun Anand

This is Shruti & I am Anishka Today we’ve brought for you some “Weird beauty hacks” So guys you’ve watched on internet We’ll also enjoy trying these hacks whether they will be good one or not to hide the dark circles I’m looking like a cartoon Ninja Hathori after doing this I’ve taken some more […]