Generating Electricity with Vinegar | Experiment – 11 | Prakhar Trikha | Viral Video

Hi Guys Today I’ve came up with a really interesting experiment and I’m super excited about it. Its very cool I’ll generate eletricity in it. In this experiment we will generate electricity by using Vinegar Ice Tray Copper Wire Led Bulb (Indicator ) and Iron nails So first we’ll take this copper wire and peel […]

How to TRAP Yellow Jacket Wasps Make Your Own It’s Cheap and Easy DIY it works

so this year we have Yellowjackets everywhere it occurred to me that those store-bought traps that we get have to be designed to be packaged and shipped and everything but what if we built our own larger traps so I started fiddling around today and using some cardboard boxes and I decided let’s create a […]

Age Wood In Minutes With Vinegar And Steel Wool Stain Solution

Today we are going to show you how to give wood an aged look using vinegar and steel wood. This method makes the stain in hours, not weeks. Shabby DIY We start by filling a mason jar with distilled white vinegar. The vinegar needs to be heated to speed things up. We microwaved the vinegar […]