NEELO – FLAME (ft. SHB & Blackthoven)

Priscilla Hernandez – FLAME – Celtic Fantasy Folk Music

It’s so cold when north winds blow Bringing hail and pearls of frost That’s the way that you do chill me to the bone Fear the dark when the moon hides All its beams behind the clouds That’s the way I fear when you are not around This could be hell, this could be heaven […]

CAIN’S DINASTY – The Grey Ones (Official Metal Video)

When I look at the sky at night I see things hard to explain Sometimes they look like lights And objects that seem to fly I have left all my fears behind I am ready to reveal the mystery Sometimes we must believe To see what’s never been seen Grey I know who you are […]

Nanowar Of Steel – Norwegian Reggaeton (feat. Charly Glamour & Gigatron)

Hvis lyset tar oss [If the light takes us, an album by Burzum] Viking heart, from Santo Domingo The burned church, the pinya colada Let’s go dancing with Det som engang var [What once was, album by Burzum] Cuban warrior, pagan dancer Drinking a mojito, during the sacrifice Let’s go dancing with Hellhammer and Varg! […]

Rosae Crucis – Fede Potere Vendetta Official Videoclip (metal italiano)

Delantal Perasjeta – Summer / Electricity

you and me are 🎶 the kind of people who don’t need to go outside 🎶 but in summertime i’d 🎶 like to dance with you till we both loose our minds 🎶 couse you got me with your spell 🎶 i can’t even hold my breath 🎶 baby you look me like oh 🎶 […]