Mac’s Weld-On Axle Housing Bracket Series – Volume 4: Installation – Mac’s Tie Downs

So, here I am under the back of an old aluminum tub rock crawler. This has got a Currie rock jock Dana 60 housing in it. In the ideal location you can actually see where this has been worn over several years of transporting. Right there and there where I typically run an axle strap […]

How To Fix Rust Holes In Your Car The Right Way

Mac’s Weld-On Axle Housing Bracket Series – Volume 2: Axle Strap vs. Bracket – Mac’s Tie Downs

On late-model Jeep applications particularly late-model JK and the new JL you’ve got even less room than I have here with this Currie rock jock to put an Axle Strap around the housing. This is a set up with the the lower suspension link here. I can and I have often routed my strap right […]

Mac’s Weld-On Axle Housing Bracket Series – Volume 3: Application Usage – Mac’s Tie Downs

Okay I’m under the back of a 1966 Mercury Cyclone nine-inch ford housing. Most of you will recognize that immediately. Got Ridetech coil-overs, a panhard bar, there’s lots going on under here as well as the low stance of the car. Makes it a little bit challenging to route an Axle Strap. Notice how the […]

GAME ROOM TOUR – 7,000 Games + 50 Systems – METAL JESUS ROCKS

– Hey guys, Metal Jesus here, and today I am excited to bring you my updated game room tour. Now I have a little over seven thousand games and also over 50 different systems, and you guys have certainly noticed in my videos that as the collection has grown, I have rearranged and updated my […]

Tig welding. 5G Thin pipe welding (sanitary pipe, structural pipe)

5G Thin pipe welding (sanitary pipe, structural pipe) Hello. Today we made a video of a thin pipe welding in a 5G position. I’d appreciate it if you could press “subscribe” and “Like.” Now, this is the same size pipe that we’ve welded in the past time. We put argon gas inside the pipe this […]

How To Retip A Prong With The Rofin Laser Welder

We’re going to be doing a retipping. And whenever we do a retipping I prefer to have it ground down so that the angle meets the angle coming off the stone. Now first off what I’m going to do is shoot my little wire, make a nice little ball. A little more. With this ball […]

(Bagian 2) Membuat Pahat Bubut Widia dengan Las MIG tanpa Las Kuningan

Assalamualaikum … See you again with HOBBY WORK TECHNIQUES This is the second video from the previous video about making a chisel using widia chisel eyes in the previous video I showed how to make a lathe using MIG welding this time I will test what is the MIG welding that I do strong to […]

TIG welding stainless pipe- 5G Fill Pass and Cap Pass (Walking The Cup)

5G Filling and Final Welding Hello. We’re gonna do pipe welding again today. We’ve filmed the fillings and final welds in 5G position. I’d appreciate it if you could press “subscribe” and “Like.” This is a pipe that was back-bead welded at the previous time. If you have any questions about back-bead welding, we would […]