Full Metal Jacket — The Duality of Man

Since its release in 1987, Full Metal Jacket has remained a topic of discussion among film lovers. The film is notably divided into two parts, the first being at boot camp and the second in Vietnam. But what’s most interesting about this Kubrick masterpiece is that it’s not a Vietnam war film. Actually, it isn’t […]

The Art of Metal Gear Solid | Sidcourse

Hi and welcome to the Sidcourse. Like discourse, but, my name is Sid. I don’t believe in hero worship. I wouldn’t consider myself a fan of anything, because I don’t believe in putting people or products on a pedestal. Growing up, there wasn’t anyone that I personally looked up to or considered a hero or […]

The Animation of Metal Slug

Hiya, my name’s Dan, I’m a professional animator who’s, like, really into video games. This is Video Game Animation Study, and this time we’re gonna look at the animation of Metal Slug. Firstly if you find yourself enjoying this episode then please consider subscribing to the channel and liking the video as this really helps […]

Where Did Screaming in Metal Come From?

– This is Sound Field. – We all scream, maybe from happiness, anger, fear, shock, pain, but why so much screaming in metal? And how do we do it without destroying our voice? Nahre and I are gonna find out. (dramatic music) – We’ll likely never know when screaming and music first intersected, but the […]