Getting started: Sens-X | In-fuse Vehicle Current Measurement System

Hello, I’m Claire Shaw. I’m here today to introduce Sens-X, our in-fuse vehicle current measurement system. I’m going to show you how easy it is to set up a Sens-X system in order to measure currents from fuse points across a vehicle lab car. In a later video, we’ll look at configuring, logging, and analyzing […]

Advanced Features: Sens-X | In-fuse Vehicle Current Measurement System

Hello my name is Claire Shaw and I’m here today to introduce Sens-x our in-fuse vehicle measurement system in this video I’ll be demonstrating some of the more advanced features of Sens-x such as configuring logging and analysing current measurements having shown how simple it is to setup Sens-x system and take some initial measurements […]


L&T, Godrej, HAL, Isro to sign pact to build PSLV rockets Larsen & Toubro, Godrej and Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd will join a consortium, being put together by Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro), to build Polar Satellite Launch Vehicles (PSLVs). The vehicles will launch small satellites, and the first launch is being planned by 2020. A […]

Piggyback Fuse Holder OVERLOAD potential – by VOG (VegOilGuy)

Hi YouTube, my name’s Geoff the VegOilGuy. You may have seen my videos on safely using a Piggyback Fuse Holder where I let you guys know how you can easily use these simple items to safely run electrical equipment in your vehicle. Well folks have been asking what size fuses they can use in a […]

Piggyback Fuse Holders SAFE OR NOT? A Piggyback bench test – by VOG (VegOilGuy)

Piggyback Fuse Holders… Are they safe to use on your vehicle? I’m going to find out. Hi YouTube, my name’s Geoff and today I’m going to be looking once again at the Piggyback Fuse Holder to determine if it’s safe to use. You may have seen my other video, “How to Add a Fused Circuit […]

How to: Car Repair : How to Replace the Inner Panel of a Wrecked Car

What we’re doing on this vehicle, we’re replacing this front frame rail section. Here’s the new part right here and what’s most important is that we drill out the factory welds and replace this part exactly at the same seams where it was in at the factory. What you don’t want to do in this […]

The Range: Sens-X | In-fuse Vehicle Current Measurement System

Hello, I’m Claire Shaw. In the previous video I showed you how quickly and easily a Sens-x system could be set up and used and today I’m here to further introduce Sens-x our high dynamic range in-fuse vehicle current measurement system Specifically I’m going to talk about what the key elements of Sens-x are and […]

How to: Car Repair : How Car Panels are Replaced

Here we have Jose welding a quarter panel onto this Civic. As you can see he has taken the new panel, he’s placed it against the body and he is locking it in place with these clamps. He’s in the process of replacing welds at every factory seam point as we talked about before. It’s […]

Create New Tabs on Urethane Bumper Covers

Urethane bumper covers are often discarded because of broken tabs and bolt holes. These bumpers can easily be repaired using an airless plastic welder. Because thermoset urethane bumper covers do not melt, you do not get a true fusion weld. Instead, the repair is similar to a brazing process. Grind the area to be repaired […]