Small Bottle, HUGE Fireball (How Flame Jetting Works)

Thanks to CuriosityStream for supporting PBS Digital Studios. Whoa. What just happened??? Let’s watch that again. What you’re seeing is called flame jetting. It requires a perfect storm of circumstances, but pouring gasoline or some other fuel from a container can shoot out a ten-foot jet of flame. This has happened. People have been seriously […]

Электробайк мечты! Сборка мощного аккумулятора – 2000Wh, 88.2В, 24Ач

greetings to all on my channel! finally came the long-awaited parcel and with it starts assembling a new battery for my electric bike in the parcel long-awaited holders for 18650 cells here must be 30 of them here. Yes, that’s right-30 pieces cell Samsung 30Q which I had recently tested. now you can even hear […]

Does Acetone also work for welding and smoothing PLA 3D printed parts?

Wha’s up every one, Tom here. And at this point it can be considered pretty much common knowledge that you can smooth out the layer lines of 3D printed parts made from ABS, HIPS and delikes with an acetone vapor bath. But I was told that this should also work on some type of PLA […]