⏰ Combine Citadel Meltdown Alarm – Half Life 2

Alert! Alert! Alert! Alert! Warning. Bypass detected. Warning! Core reprogramming… Deploy, diagnose. Deploy, diagnose. Present singularity. Present singularity. Priority alert: Internal stabilization teams, deploy sterilizers. Alert! Alert! Alert! Alert! Alert!

pneumatic control valve.

Pneumatic actuators use air pressure pushing against either a flexible diaphragm or a piston to move a valve mechanism. The following photograph shows a cut-away control valve, with a pneumatic diaphragm actuator mounted above the valve body You can see the large coil spring providing default positioning of the valve (air the pressure acting against […]

Function Animation of IBEDA Flashback Arrestor (Flame Arrestor): How they work

IBEDA safety devices (Flashback arrestors) containing multiple functions conform to international standards EN730 Part 1 and ISO 5175 and are equipped with at least 2 and as many as 4 safety features. a gas non-return valve, a flame arrestor, a thermal cut off valve, and a pressure sensitive cut off valve. The spring-loaded gas non-return […]

Anvil International – Grooved Pipe Fitting – 7800 Check Valve Installation Video

7800 Check Valve Installation with Rigidlok Coupling. Check the gasket to be sure it is compatible for the intended service. Apply a thin coat of Gruvlok lubricant to the outside and sealing lips of the gasket. Some applications require lubrication of the entire gasket surface. Once lubricated, slip the gasket over one end of the […]

Fan-Made Combine Nova Prospekt Airwaves(part 1)

Uhh command, this is hardpoint 5-tango, I think we’ve something. Investigate. Acknowledged. Report. Nothing. Just a couple parasitics that got loose. Wait, no. I think we’ve got something el-OH SH 5-tango, your restrictors are down, what’s going on down there. I CAN’T- BUGS- INFESTATIO- OVERRU-AAUUGHH Hard point 5-delta, 5-tango in your area has gone dark. […]

Comparing Pyro’s Flame Throwers

Finding out the DPS of the Flamethrower was fairly easy. I just hopped into a game, shot a helpless bot and measured how much damage I could do in one second, which is 120 damage. Every Flamethrower does the same base damage with some asterisks attached. The Back Burner does crit damage when facing the […]

A Day With a Combine Soldier 2

-Just gonna change the channel, nothing’s gonna happen this time Wha… wh… what the fuck? oh, oh shit. OH SHIT Don’t worry… nothing gonna happen, nothing gonna attack us this time… I’ve just gotta… grab… the… fuckin… Ahhh… What the…? -Hello! -AHHHHHHHHHHHHU OH MY GOD NOT AGAIN! DIDN’T YOU DIE IN THE LAST EPISODE????? -You […]

Solenoid Basics Explained – Working Principle

Hey there guys, Paul here, from theengineeringmindset.com. In this video we’re going to be looking more into solenoids and how they work. We’re going to look at permanent magnets and how to see their magnetic field. We’re going to create an electric magnet from a wire. We’re going to be looking at some real-world solenoids, […]

Portal – Metal Gear Turret

-music starts- -turrets start singing- -music intenses- -turrets stop singing- -turrets start singing again->-

How to install TUA stainless steel thermostatic expansion valves

[music] [NARRATOR] Hello and thank you for visiting the Danfoss video network. Today, we’re going to look at Danfoss’ family of TU thermostatic expansion valves. The TU family of TXVs, first introduced in 1995, were first used in some of the most challenging of applications: mobile refrigeration and ice machines. Today, they’re also widely used […]