3D Printing 101: How to Vacuum Form Using 3D Printed Molds

Hi my name is Sean with MakerBot learning. Vacuum Forming is a really powerful form of manufacturing, and tons of things in your home like plastic containers, or packaging are made using Vacuum Forming. So in this video, we’re going to cover some of the basics on how you can 3D print molds for Vacuum […]

Molten Metal in a Vacuum

[Captioned via Y Translator] This video is sponsored by NordVPN. Molten metal in a vacuum chamber, what happens to it? Will it bubble and boil like water? Will it hold its heat for a really long time? We’re going to find out. [Music] For years, we have done experiments using a vacuum chamber, and we’ve […]

Cold Welding in Atmosphere (vacuum tests to come)

Hi everyone, welcome back to Cody’s lab. So I have a couple of pieces of metal right here. As you can see, they do not stick when I put them together, but if I put them together and I give it a slight twist, it is stuck fast. In fact, they are cold welded to […]