Fire Basket | Making an Outdoor Grill for the Patio

Click [CC] To turn off captions… Now that the weather is finally turning, it is time to consider how best to go about cooking sausages outside! I designed a fire basket out of simple angle iron. What I came up with would be very time consuming to layout considering all of the intersecting angles. I […]

Repairing a Long Tear on a Bumper Cover

The length of this video is in no way indicative of the amount of time it takes to perform this procedure. It should therefore not be used for estimating purposes. This bumper has a long tear that many would consider to be beyond repair. In reality, this is the type of repair that technicians will […]

Repairing Broken Automotive Plastic Trim

If you regularly watch our tutorials, you’ll recognize this liftgate spoiler from our video on welds test plastic identification. This part does not have an identification symbol. By means of a weld test, we were able to determine that it was made of polycarbonate. We can now repair its broken tabs using R07 polycarbonate welding […]

Plastic Repair Using Polyvance’s ATV PRO

All-Terrain Vehicles such as this one are notorious for broken and torn plastic pieces. Rather than spending a fortune on a brand new plastic part, damage such as this can be easily repaired at home using Polyvance’s ATV PRO plastic welder. Begin by cleaning the repair area with 1001 Eco-Prep plastic cleaner. On the backside, […]