Machine Learning – Part 4 – Sky Isolation & Extraction – Flame 2020.1

Hi everyone, Grant for the Flame Learning Channel. With the Flame 2020.1 update… Another type of machine learning… has been introduced into the Flame products. So in part 4 of the Machine Learning Series… You’ll learn how to extract the sky out of a shot. So Flame can look at an image… And using Machine […]

Effects Environment – Part 17 – Custom Layouts – Flame 2020.1

Hi everyone, Grant for the Flame Learning Channel. When working with integrated VFX and grading in the timeline… The Effects Environment is a great place… To tackle most of your creative requirements. Now because of its versatility… There are quite a few components in the interface… That you can set up when performing certain tasks. […]

Mitsubishi Lancer Fuse Hands-Free Link System Firmware Update

Connect the USB key containing update To enter into Service Mode, while pressing the “MENU” button, press “bottom left corner” portion on the display briefly, then press “top right corner” portion on the display for at least 2 seconds. Press “bottom left corner” portion on the display briefly. …Then press “top right corner” portion on […]

*NEW* Combine! First Look!

Hey guys welcome back to a new video! We are taking a new look at the this game mode introduced by V10.40 Patch. Please excuse my potato aim throughout this video. The new game mode Combine is to familiarize yourself with new sensitivity settings. “The goal in this playlist is to reach the end as […]

Compare, merge and update format differences – Best Excel Compare Tool

Compare, merge and update format differences

JPA vs Hibernate : The difference between save, persist, merge and update

Hi, I’m Thorben Janssen from JPA and Hibernate provide different methods to persist new and to update existing entities. You can choose between JPA’s persist and merge and Hibernate’s save and update methods. It seems like there are 2 pairs of 2 methods that do the same. You can use the methods persist and save to store a new entity […]

Merge: Databases for Developers #17

Sometimes you want to add new rows to your database if they’re not already there. But if they already are you want to overwrite them with the new values you provided. For example I love card games. But cards have a habit of going missing over a time. So every now and then I need […]

Spacelords – Heavy Metal Update!


How to Clean a Stainless Steel Watch (Karcher SC1)

Hello to everyone First remove the clock pins and empty the watch strap Dirt accumulates over time creating a disturbing image It is also not hygienic Machine to clean our watch Karcher SC1 We’re wearing a red pressure nozzle in your mouth. After a few attempts we start to clean Take care to avoid the […]