Portal – Metal Gear Turret

-music starts- -turrets start singing- -music intenses- -turrets stop singing- -turrets start singing again->-

Innovation Awards Winners 2017 – Boron doped diamond electrodes

What Zoe’s doing behind me is recording a pH measurement. It’s really important in water quality and health monitoring It’s based on technology that’s over 100 years old. I’ve always been interested in trying to develop a sensor material that would be extremely robust; the one that really kept coming back to me that had […]

Faculty profile: Richard Normann and the Utah electrode array

[Music] With this tool we can begin to understand how groups of neurons process sensory and motor information. What is it that allows us to see when our retina is activated? And what is it that allows me to move my arm gracefully in space? What is the firing pattern and the groups of neurons […]

My Research: using Machine Learning to detect electricity theft

Hi, I’m Patrick, and I’m a PhD candidate I’m in my third year and I work on the detection of electricity theft using machine learning. Electricity theft is an issue all over the globe but in particular in emerging markets. If you look at Brazil, India, Pakistan, Nigeria – it’s a huge issue and what […]

Ignacio Pérez-Arriaga | Electricity Transmission Network

hello I mean not vo Perry tárrega I’m a professor at camellias University in Madrid also professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston the United States and the director of energy training at the Florence school of regulation the topic that we are going to cover today is the regulation of electricity transmission here […]

Alberto Pototschnig | Electricity Markets: The Wholesale Markets

hello I’m Alberto patashnik I’m the director of the agency for the cooperation of energy regulators I’m also an advisor with the flooring school of regulation and I’ve been an advisor here for many years since the very early days of the school what I’m going to present today and introductory some introductory ideas on […]

AP* Physics 1 Exam – Part 3: Electricity & Waves | RiceX on edX | Course About Video

NARRATOR: Suspense. Intrigue. Death defying acts. All in the name of physics. [CRASH] Come along as we take a peek inside preparing for the Physics 1 AP Exam from Rice Online. The amazingly talented Dr. Jason Hafner engages learners with his dynamic lectures, his gripping demonstrations, and his unmatched sense of adventure. He is joined […]

Radical polymer could conduct electricity for transparent electronics

– It’s electrically conductive, it’s super transparent and it is remarkably stable to air, water, and moisture conditions. People think of plastics and they ordinarily think of structural materials, bottles, bags, but they don’t usually think of plastics as being things that can actually conduct electricity. In this paper, we’re using a radical polymer, which […]

Construction Electricity

I’ve always had a very curious mind as to how things work. How they’re put together, how they come apart, and how they can be repaired. Not only is it wiring, about lights and switches. There’s a lot of theory that goes behind throwing those boxes in the walls: sizing your wires, bending pipe. I […]

Christian ‘Science’ Book On Electricity

there it is gained fourth-grade christian science book that was brought to my attention today and i thought i would share with you guys if i was that a fascinating and out of this adtech spoke with actually created for homeschool curriculum ok so i’ve been some christian parents would our home school their children […]