Merging EU and the US: Exposing the NWO Atlantic Union

well America is focused on a Russian collusion investigation the United States Trade Representative has been laying the foundation to merge the u.s. with the EU today we take a look at the build-up to the Atlantic Union welcome to another analysis behind the news where we provide the perspective that you can use to […]

Why Haven’t Hydrogen Vehicles Taken Over the World Yet?

We were expecting hydrogen cars to take over the world years ago, but so far, we’ve got more Prius’ and Teslas. What happened to the fanfare for the car that runs on water, man? It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about hydrogen cars, seemingly because the market wasn’t ready to look past it’s […]

Most Powerful Attack Submarines In The World

The stealthy and deadly attack submarine- every seaman’s worst nightmare since World War I. These are the weapons navies fear the most, and despite investing billions of dollars into locating, tracking, and targeting these underwater assassins, the navies of the world are still largely at the mercy of these silent killers. Hello and welcome to […]