British Plugs Are Better Than All Other Plugs, And Here’s Why

I get a little bit patriotic sometimes. And sometimes that’s for comedy purposes, and sometimes it’s genuine. And this is genuine. ‘Cos I really do believe that the British plug is one of the greatest designs that has ever hit the world. For loads of reasons. I mean, there’s the safety features that most folks, […]

Looking for Stainless Steel Chain and Fittings in the UK ?

Our range of stainless steel fittings includes quick links, snap hooks, eye bolts, D shackles, S hooks and pad eyes. All of our fittings are available in a range of different dimensions and gauges. Long link stainless steel chain is suitable for most applications. For lifting purposes short link stainless steel chain should always be […]

Tssst our services

hello at TSSST we do auto-body reapairs including welding, painting,and respraying and valeting both of cars and commercial vehicles including transit vans with high domes and we’re based by the Ely bridge in Cardiff at cf5 5AD you can call us on 0292057 6678 and you can see our website www and you can […]